Dream Your Soul into Being

& embrace your inspired purpose

One-On-One Program Tailored to Your Needs

I’d like to share a secret with you…

A lot of women feel cut off from “joy” or their “inspired purpose.” They get caught up in the daily grind and often put everyone and everything before their own needs. They’re not only exhausted, they feel like a gerbil running on a never ending wheel.

You may be hugely successful in your business and finances, yet the tension between who you REALLY are versus the person you became in order to succeed, feel loved, and experience a sense of belonging, can lead to a lack of feeling wholeness and joy.

How does this happen? For some women, this is the path they took (unintentionally) that led them to ultimate sacrifice of their sacred SELF:

  • being the “good girl” as a child in order to feel a sense of safety, acceptance, and love, then bringing that feeling into adulthood, which leads to…
  • not feeling good enough or of value, which leads to…
  • people-pleasing behavior, which leads to…
  • over giving to the point of exhaustion, which ultimately…
  • leaves you feeling like a shadow of yourself, despite your success in business, relationships, parenting or finances…

…and when you focus all of your efforts on pleasing others for all the wrong reasons, you may also unconsciously go into fight, flight, or freeze mode which releases adrenaline and cortisol and creates a stressful environment in your body, which can lead to dis-ease…yep. (Ask me how I know this!)

So, what if you could release all of those ancestral patterns and begin to see your SELF in a whole new way? What if you could:

Dream Your Soul into Being and Experience a Joyful Life Worth Living?

Dreaming your soul into being is about engaging a variety of dream tools.

  1. The understanding that all of life is a dream and that when you truly understand this, you can create magic
  2. Sleeping dreams are personally tailored, Soul level guidance and when you know how to decipher them, you are well equipped to navigate  your joyful journey
  3. Imaginal realm dreams are dreams we engage while awake, like shamanic journeying or guided meditations, in order to find guidance and heal

In my all-inclusive, one-on-one program:

  • You receive all of the healing and dream tools you need to release the habits, patterns, and obstacles that are getting in your way so you more easily trust your SOUL to guide you toward joyful living. These include:
    • a spiritually centered approach to mind, body, and soul health and wellness
    • dreamwork to access guidance that was tailored specifically for you so you are able to move forward with clarity and confidence
    • understanding two different ways of manifesting your desires and why one is easier than the other
    • soul healing & soul retrievals to help you release blocks and obstacles from your path so you can move and grow with grace
    • developing your intuition so you ALWAYS have the guidance you need
  • Know you’re on a new journey…one that will lead to a deeply fulfilling, satisfying, and freeing life
  • And ultimately, you begin to feel like you again, maybe for the first time in your entire life

This is my high-end, one-on-one program designed for women just like you who are ready to dream joy and vibrance into their lives.


“I’m so thrilled that I worked with Amy. I felt results much more quickly than I experienced with traditional talk therapy work. I now feel a sense of clarity about myself and feel more ‘whole’ than ever.”

— Cherie Slane
Founder, www.GoldCollective.com


During this program you receive 90-days of support which includes:

Six 60-minute, one-on-one sessions with me to:

  • Identify where you are now and what’s not working
  • Receive deep ancestral healing (to clear blocks rooted in past trauma, drama, and ancestral wounds)
  • Reclaim your SELF & Recreate Your Life so you wake up feeling joyful about starting your day
  • Receive simple, yet effective, energetic tools to help you stay aligned with your new life. This includes
    • exploring dreamwork (your sleeping dreams are your soul speaking to you, guiding you on your journey)
    • creating healthy boundaries so you feel energized instead of exhausted
    • inspired tools delivered from your guides to me that I then share with you.

15-minute in between session phone calls, email exchanges or text messages for in the moment support. Have a crazy dream? Call me and we can talk about it. Have an argument with an employee? Text me and we can work through it together.

If this sounds like exactly what you need, let’s talk.

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“WOW!!!! I had THE MOST profound ancestral healing I could have imagined. The depth, breadth, and scope of it was extraordinary.”

I truly believe that long-standing issues in my life are now largely healed as a result of the transformative work Amy did with me. What a powerful healer!

Cynthia Greb, writer and spiritual guide


Ready to take the next step?