You’re one step closer to elevating your life.

The Soul Medicine Way™

If you’re anything like my clients…

You’re going through a transition in life, love, and/or work. Maybe you’re upscaling your business. Or dreaming of a more fulfilling life. But before you move forward you want to make sure you’re doing so with integrity and awareness.

You want a path that will carry you through to the next phase of your life. A journey that will enhance your feeling of aliveness, connect you more deeply to your purpose, and give you the tools you need to evolve and elevate yourself.


Sometimes you doubt yourself or feel overwhelmed with anxiety, and these feelings become obstacles that block your path.

So how does this happen?

Maybe you were raised in a controlling or fundamentalist religious household that stifled your true nature and as a result, it’s hard to trust your true self.

Or perhaps you had a misogynistic father figure who exhibited patriarchal dominance, squashing your inner power, or a mother who provided food, clothing, and shelter, but wasn’t necessarily loving or supportive, leaving you feeling unworthy.

Then again, maybe your childhood was perfect, providing you with everything you needed, but you still feel as though something’s missing in your life.

And despite all of the personal healing you’ve done, you know these wounds are still festering beneath the surface, and you are sooooooo ready to release them.

As a soul healer and intuitive empath with nearly 30 years of experience, I specialize in helping you heal the ancestral wounds that hold you back and retrieve the parts of you that create that “something’s missing” feeling. As a result, you begin to powerfully align with your purpose, potential, spiritual gifts, and Spirit, and the more you do this, the more impact you have in your life, love, and work, just by being YOU.

In other words, you ELEVATE YOUR LIFE.

Imagine what it would feel like to be so powerfully aligned…

Join me on a Soul Medicine Journey™ to
Elevate Your Life by Aligning Your Mind-Body-Soul

During this 4-month journey, I guide you toward feeling empowered to live life from a place of joyful wholeness. With my support, you begin to:

  • Heal ancestral wounds and soul loss that create the “something’s missing” feeling
  • Clear the obstacles so you can move forward with the grace of a swan
  • Cultivate clarity for next steps in your life, relationships, and work/business
  • Trust yourself and life more deeply
  • Feel empowered to live your life the way you want to live it
  • Receive supportive tools to help you move forward in a new way
  • Communicate more effectively with colleagues, clients, family, and friends
  • Have better interpersonal and energetic boundaries
  • Have a bigger impact in life, love, and work
  • Feel an inner calm and know how to maintain it
  • Experience a healthy, powerful relationship with Spirit
  • Enjoy self-love, self-worth, and self-trust
  • Understand your spiritual gifts and how to use them in a supportive way
  • Wake up every morning feeling in alignment with your truest self and jump out of bed excited about the day.

To explore how The Soul Medicine Journey™ can support you, sign up for a free, 30-minute Soul (re)Alignment Session.