About six weeks ago, I was painting in my art studio when I remembered a spirit-crushing incident that happened when I was a teen.

As I thought about it, I remembered stories I’ve heard from people who’ve had nearly identical experiences.

So I started to contemplate the impact these experiences have on people and how it causes major life blocks for them.

Well, all of this contemplation led to something I’d love to share with you.

It’s not just for people who’ve had spirit-crushing experiences, though.

It’s for anyone who would like to have more clarity in their lifework, and for people who would love a way to create practical steps for their projects.

I’ll tell you all about it in a moment, but first I’ll share the spirit-crushing experience with you.

When Your Lifework gets Blocked (Has this ever happened to you?)

As you may know, in addition to being a lifework healer, I’m an artist. I got my B.A. in art and won my first art award when I was 21.

But when I was in 8th grade, my art teacher gave me a C for my final grade.

Then he told me I had no art talent.

I was crushed.

Not only did I love art, but I thought I was pretty good at it. I’d spent my entire life up until that point doing arts and crafts with my mom, and in a big way, creativity was part of my identity.

So even though I was young, I had a sense that if I wasn’t good at art, I probably wasn’t good at anything.

Well, after the 8th grade incident I had a hard time painting with childlike enthusiasm. Although I continued to paint, my inner critic remained on high alert, judging every stroke I made. My teacher had effectively put the “pain” in paint.

Later in life, when I was struggling to find my lifework path, my spiritual director suggested my work needed to include my creativity.

I scoffed at her.

Even though on many occasions I’d been told, “the most creative person I’ve ever known,” I knew I wasn’t really good enough to incorporate art or creativity into my work. It was just something I had to do for myself.

Boy, was I wrong.

In retrospect, my creativity is not only a part of my lifework path, it is instrumental in it.

Unfortunately, I meet a lot of people who’ve had similar experiences.

As kids and adults, we are often judged based on someone else’s criteria. We’re told we “shouldn’t” do something or we “should” do something else, usually to please another person.

We’re told to be quiet, sit down, do it another way, and many other versions of “you’re wrong.”

All of these situations can lead to feelings of failure, causing us to stop dead in our tracks when we’re uncertain of how to move forward for fear that we’re not going to do something “right.”

Unless the emotions associated with them are healed, the cumulative effects can lead to what I call the “lifework roadblock”, or the inability to take action and turn ideas into reality.

Consequently, if this happens to you, you may have a well developed inner critic who judges every creative move you make, telling you “you’re no good”, or that “you can’t do that,” or that “it won’t work,” leaving you feeling frozen and unable to truly take action.

Or you may unconsciously push aside your innate talents and focus on less soul satisfying activities. That’s exactly what I did. For years.

Regardless, the creative process is your birthright. It’s how you make things happen and without it you end up with a heart full of ideas and an unhappy soul.

So as I reflected on the 8th grade incident, I was inspired to take action.

This is what happened as a result:

Introducing the Lifework Journey Teleseminar (no longer available)

It’s only fitting that I launched this kit by doing another painting. The imagery comes from a sleeping dream I had about 8 years ago. It’s entitled Creative Healer because in the dream I’m given a blue and green bird’s wing that I can use to heal the earth. According to renowned dreamworker Jeremy Taylor, this is a metaphor for my calling to use creativity and healing in my work.

So, after I did this painting, I decided to record a guided healing journey that invoked the spirit of this creative healer. I planned on sharing it with you to help you heal your inner creator.

But as I worked on developing the guided healing journey, something amazing happened.

A major part of me was healed. As a result, I was inspired. Truly inspired.

One thing that happened is that the little guided healing journey turned into a massive project.

Specifically, I created the Lifework Journey Kit, which includes an introduction to my entire Lifework Navigation System and Lifework Compass, concepts I’ve been working on since 2006, but haven’t fully disclosed to the public yet.

The Lifework Journey Kit and Teleseminar is over

During the call I’ll be sharing my best methods for:

  • finding clarity
  • solutions and
  • practical steps

for moving forward with any project, relationship or aspect of life or work.

If you can’t make the call live, you can still sign up and get the ebooks, workbooks and guided healing.

Let me know if you would love to make the call, but can’t due to conflicts.

OK, to sign up, just click here: The Lifework Journey Kit and Teleseminar (sorry, it’s over)

Have you ever been told you weren’t good at something you loved to do? If so, what happened? Share your experience below.