Several weeks ago, the phone rang at 12:30 am. I knew it couldn’t be good news. Nobody calls me that late at night.

I leapt out of bed and answered the phone. Just as I suspected, it was my partner Scott. He’d just finished playing a gig with his blues band in San Francisco only to discover that his truck, which he’d parked in an open air parking lot, was stuck behind a thick chain that locked the lot for the night.

Not sure what to do, Scott had walked around the block looking for a parking lot attendant, but no one was to be found. He called to ask me if I could pick him up.

There were a few problems. It was now 12:45 am. I had no gas and only a vague notion of how to get where he was.  It was a 40-minute drive to Lou’s Pier in the Warf of San Francisco so I clearly needed to get gas. I hoped a gas station was open that late.

Additionally, I realized that we’d have to return early the next morning, in crazy traffic, to get his truck, and then drive back to the Peninsula. It would be several hours of bumper to bumper traffic. As a self-employed person my “morning commute” is about a six foot walk from my bedroom to my office. I wasn’t too eager to battle actual traffic again.

But as I set out for my journey I remembered an interview I’d recently heard on Coast-to-Coast radio. It was with Doreen Virtue, a woman who speaks with angels. The more she talked, the more my skeptical mind wasn’t sure what to think. And then she said something that caught my attention. She said angels long to help us, but they only do it when we ask for what we need.

So as I drove to San Francisco I decided to experiment and ask Archangel Michael for help. This is what I said:

Michael, I need your help. This is exactly what I want to happen: By the time I arrive easily and safely at the parking Lot (I said this because I wasn’t sure how to get there), I want a parking lot attendant to appear out of nowhere with a key to unlock the gate so Scott can easily drive out of the lot.

I held the image in my mind for a moment and then let go of it, somehow trusting (or maybe just hoping) it would happen that way.

When I pulled up to the parking lot, which I found easily, Scott was behind a locked gate and there was no one around to help. My heart sank just a little. Disappointed that Michael hadn’t come through for me, I laughed it off as a silly plea.

But as I got out of the truck and started helping Scott transfer his equipment, I made eye contact with a man sitting in a dark car that was parked on the street. It was now 2:00 am, two hours after all of the parking lots had closed. The chances that this man was somehow connected to the parking lot were slim to none.

He got out of his car and started walking toward me. A bit nervous I asked, “Do you by any chance have a key to this gate?” I was doubtful, but miraculously he said, “Yes. I do. I work for an adjacent lot.” I was elated. He quickly unlocked the gate and let us out.

Scott said, “I don’t know where he came from. I looked everywhere for someone who might help me and there was no one around.”

I knew where he came from. I silently thanked Archangel Michael and drove away with a smile on my face that lit up the night sky.

I felt like a small miracle had taken place. Are angels real? I wondered.

What do you think? Have you ever had experiences with angels? Do you believe they exist?

Or do you think they’re made-up figures meant to teach stories to Sunday school children?

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