What if you gave thanks for what you–yes YOU–have given?โ€‹

How often do you celebrate your gifts and your ability to share them?

When do you appreciate your own contributions?

You gave your time, your resources, your expertise. Where do they fall on the scale of the importance of giving thanks?

Recognize Yourself

Take a moment to reflect on all of the lives you touched this year.

Remember how you helped someone through something.

Think of all the meals you prepared, the dishes you washed, the warmth you extended.

Revel In It

It isn’t hubris to be grateful for your own contributions. You aren’t arrogant or self-centered.

Being grateful for your contributions is about nourishing yourself.

It’s about noticing how your connection to Source flows freely through you so you can become a healing balm in the world.

The more you appreciate yourself, the healthier you’ll feel, which is a feeling the world needs more of these days.

So celebrate yourself! Be grateful for the gifts you’ve shared this year.

Sweet dreams,