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The Significance of Children’s Dreams

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When I was 5 years old, I started having hypnagogic dreams. I woke up in the wee hours of the morning to see my mother, plain as day, offering me a glass of water. As I reached out to take it from […]

Dream Travel: How to Ride the Rainbow Bridge

“I look to the sky and see five condors flying overhead.

At first they are shiny black silhouettes, but soon they change into a beautiful array of rainbow colors. As each bird becomes a solid hue like red, orange and purple, they also turn into kites, all the while retaining their condor shape.”

This dream is from […]

Why Dreams are Important

Until recently, many people in western cultures haven’t paid much attention to the meaning of their dreams. They considered dreams to be:

1. Meaningless images
2. Random neurons firing in the brain
3. A useless recycling of past days’ events

But that’s changing. As scientists begin to discover quantifiable evidence that dreams are important and meaningful, people are simultaneously […]

Why are Dreams Difficult to Understand

When I teach dreamwork someone invariably asks why dreams are so difficult to understand. If dreams mean something, in other words, why aren’t the meanings obvious?

One reason is that a single dream can address various areas of life at once. Each dream scene, therefore, has multiple layers of meaning.

There are many opposing perspectives on why […]