Sometimes life feels like a hellish fire burning down the only door leading in and out of the house.

In other words, miserably trapped in a bad situation.

And in these moments, it can feel impossible to find enough water to douse the flames.

Affirmations, essential oils, positive thinking just seem to melt away, leaving you feeling vulnerable and alone.

So how do you survive when hell has unleashed her fury?

Last week I wrote about the importance of surrender, a simple concept that people have a difficult time fully grasping because when they think of situations like a house burning down, surrendering is the last thing that makes sense.

They equate surrendering with giving up. Or of settling for less than they desire. And these two beliefs couldn’t be further from the truth of what it means to surrender.

In the Dream Priestess Medicine Wheel, August ushers in autumn, and with it comes the beginning of a period of release.

It’s a period of shedding that which we no longer need, of laying down our burdens and trusting in our Essential Self and Source for guidance.

But how does this help you when the house is burning down? Won’t you die?

This metaphoric house-fire could be any number of things:

Too much paperwork.

Too many clients.

Not enough money.

Lack of direction.

Being physically or emotionally attacked.

Or even a literal fire.

It could be anything that feels life threatening or impossible to deal with.

And when you’re in that place, surrender seems like a ridiculous concept because it feels like giving up, and giving up would ultimately lead to your demise. Since you’re biologically programmed to survive at all costs, surrendering doesn’t feel right, so you try to do everything but surrender.

But think of this: if you were a kid in a house on fire, how would you want your mom or dad to show up for you?

Would you want them to freak out, run around shouting, “We’re going to die! We’re going to die!!!” Arms flailing and eyes bugged out?

No way. That would make the situation worse.

You’d want them to calmly and quickly deal with the situation, and find a way out for you.

And that’s why mastering the art of surrendering can save lives.

When you know how to surrender, you discover that it’s possible to drop enough fear so you can access your Essential Self, God, the Divine, whatever you want to call it. That’s when the magic happens because you can tune in for guidance on what to do next. Sometimes the very act of surrendering causes clarity and next steps to make themselves readily apparent.

For someone practiced at this, it takes about 1 second, which is why it’s good to practice before the fire erupts. You want the process to become second nature before disaster strikes.

Surrender is not about giving up. It’s not about allowing bad things to happen to you.

It’s about trusting there is a way out or through or beyond whatever is happening, and that your Essential Self knows how to help you navigate it.