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Something magical happened…

Not only is the heat, the fire, the passion of summer reaching its zenith, there’s powerful healing taking place.

Recently, I facilitated an ancestral healing session with a client to help her release blocks caused by ancestral wounds. Shortly after our session, my client texted me to say that her adult child, who was not present or involved in the session, shared the following with her:

“I completely feel an existential lightness. Whatever ancestral healing you’re doing, it is immediately affecting me.”

Ancestral healing is so powerful that from a single session, we can heal not only ourselves and those who came before us, but also our children and those who will be here long after we’re gone.

Healing the ancestral wound helps us release subconscious and unconscious blocks that keep us from trusting our truest self. Clearing these blocks helps us feel lighter and more connected to our spiritual power (our soul connection to the Divine) so we can embody our highest purpose and potential with more ease.

Considering all of this, and since summer solstice is right around the corner (or winter solstice if you live in the southern hemisphere), I thought it would be nice to have you join me in a soul-stice ritual to honor our ancestors and release some of the limiting beliefs they instilled in us that prevent us from feeling the lightness of our soul. Scroll down to see the ritual steps.


  • Candle
  • Match
  • Small sticks: dried twigs or toothpicks will work
  • Sturdy bowl that can hold burning twigs or toothpicks
  • Three ancestral wounds you want to release

You can do the following ritual or let it inspire a unique creation of your own

  • Create a ritual space with the lit candle, the twigs or toothpicks, and the bowl.
  • Contemplate what ancestral wounds you want to release. For example, a belief that “poverty is a virtue” or that “you have to work hard to be worthy of money or love” or simply, “you are not worthy.”
  • Once you decide on three topics, call in your ancestors of the highest vibration to help you release these wounds.
  • Share your intention of releasing one of the ancestral wounds and begin healing. For instance, “I release the belief that I am not worthy of love and am ready to receive healing that will help me know that I am worthy.”
  • When you’re ready, place the tip of the stick in the candle until it catches fire and put it in the bowl to turn it to ash. Be careful!
  • Repeat until you are finished with each ancestral wound.
  • Ask your highest self to infuse you with new energy and help strengthen your connection to your spiritual power.
  • Notice how much lighter you feel!
  • When you feel complete, give gratitude to your ancestors and let them know they are free to leave.

You can do this simple ritual anytime, but “soul-stice” feels like a particularly auspicious time to step into the lightness of your being.