Dear beautiful woman,

A lot of women I know are super successful in their businesses, but feel as though something’s still missing from their lives. There’s often a common reason for that…soul loss and the ancestral wound.

When you feel like something is missing, or you feel overwhelmed, less than whole, less than vibrant, or can’t seem to grow in new and inspiring ways, life can become a heavy burden. Of course, temporary ups and downs are natural. But prolonged and debilitating experiences of these things are often due to “soul loss.” And soul loss is detrimental to a person’s overall health and wellness.

The good news is that you can call your soul back home and reintegrate it back into your being. Once your soul is fully embodied and you’re aligned with your purpose, potential, spiritual gifts, and Spirit, you feel vibrant and full of life. You have radical self trust, you’re full of self-worth, and you live from your highest, truest self.

In this ebook, I share:

  • What causes ancestral wounds and soul loss, and how to identify if you have them
  • How soul loss and the ancestral wound shift your perception of reality (e.g. see yourself as worthless when you have incredible gifts)
  • What it means to call your soul back home (and how empowered you’ll feel after you do!)
  • How ancestral healing and soul recovery enhances your life, relationships, and work
  • How soul recovery helps you (re)align with your purpose, potential, spiritual gifts, and relationship with Spirit, essentially activating your soul genius

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Case Story about the Power of Healing Soul Blocks

I’ve seen Soul Medicine create miracles.

One of my clients requested my help to grow her business. Together we created a great program she loved and then I taught her how to fill her practice with awesome clients. Yet even with the best business plan and marketing know-how, she had a hard time signing on clients.

During one of our sessions, I tuned in energetically to see what was blocking her progress. I intuitively received information about a situation that happened at a specific age and asked if it meant anything to her.

After a moment, my client remembered an emotionally traumatic experience that happened during a work meeting. In front of a room full of people, the leader of the organization exclaimed to my client, “You are incompetent!”

Crushed, she internalized the message and tried to move forward. Although she forgot about it, the trauma memory was still lingering in the dark recesses of her conscious mind, impacting her ability to embody her highest purpose and potential.

She and I worked together to heal this experience and within the hour, my client felt freed from this past trauma. The next day she signed on a $10,000 client with a 3-month contract.

That’s the power of Soul Medicine.

It’s not about the money. It’s about the transformation. It was instantaneous.

And I’m happy to say, that was several years ago and she’s still thriving in her work.

I’ve seen Soul Medicine create miracles.

If you’d like to discover more about the power of soul healing, you can read about it by clicking the link below.

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Vanessa Long

Your Soul Medicine ebook is beautiful.

The layout, the graphics, the words, the imagery. It was truly balm for my eyes and soul. Thank you for taking the time to create it!

“You’ve been such a catalyst for transformation for me in the short time we’ve worked together, & I so appreciate you.”

— Jen S, business owner

“I had major breakthroughs with understanding and really accessing parts of myself that were hidden.”

— Melanie Eclare, business owner

“I got such clear and powerful answers, and I felt absolved of SO MUCH fear just from one exercise.”

— Erin Langly, dreamworker & acupuncturist

“I feel better in mind, body, and soul.”

— Sarah Johnson, author, marriage and family therapist

“I’ve worked with dream teachers before, but I think you’re a genius in this area!”

– Marina Aguilar, MFT

“You have given me more faith and trust in myself.”

— Bonnie, dreamworker

“That was an inspirational and magical journey we went on. You are an extraordinary Healer and deeply gifted in your intuitive and psychic skills.”

— ME

“All of the scattered energy that blocked me from accessing my ideas and manifesting my possibilities—you just moved it all out of the way. I’ve worked with life coaches, and have done some cursory work, but Amy, you have a real gift for this. It’s very powerful.”

— Janice Olson