Along the path to soulful living, we must make decisions that help us live from the core of our true nature. Sometimes, though, it’s difficult to know which option is in our best interest. So we bounce around from idea to idea, stagnate in indecision, get busy so we feel like we’re getting stuff done, or make a move that takes us off course.

And that soulful living we long to experience? It begins to feel like a chore instead of an act of grace. If only there was an easy way to access the wisdom of your soul so you could always feel aligned with your true nature.

Access Your Soul’s Guidance Via Dream Incubation

Dreams are your soul speaking to you. Dream incubation is a way of asking your dreams for specific information. If you’re not familiar with the concept, dream incubation is the process of asking a question and then dreaming a solution.

Many dreamers use a simple, three step dream incubation process:

  1. they ask a question prior to going to bed
  2. they sleep and dream
  3. they wake and process the imagery (rinse and repeat for a few days)

In fact, according to Harvard dream researcher Dr. Barrett, about 50% of those who follow this technique will incubate dreams related to their question. 70% of those people will dream a solution.

The study only used the 3-step process, though. What I’ve discovered over the past several years, though, is that there’s a way to significantly increase the response rate.

The trick is to fully immerse yourself into whatever it is you want to know more about.

How to Get Awesome Dream Incubation Results

This is a holistic process that encompasses more than sleeping and dreams. It includes:

  • crafting a clear intention in the form of a question you want answered
  • actively immersing yourself in the topic of interest through research, writing, or any other activity like creating an art piece or altar
  • being hyper aware, noticing how and when the theme of your intention appears in waking life
  • cultivating sleeping dreams around that intention (following the above outline)
  • recording dreams for weeks (even months) and noticing themes

Do this and your whole life may shift. You may suddenly see things you didn’t see before.

Related blog posts, videos, and articles may appear as if by magic.

You might overhear conversations about your topic.

Or “hear” answers in your head while day dreaming.

And of course, you’re likely to have sleeping dreams about your theme, too.

Using Dream Incubation to Make Major Life Decisions

In 2013, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. During my healing journey, I had to make major decisions that would have a permanent impact on my physical health and emotional wellness, and each decision caused me fear and panic.

At one point, I had to decide whether or not to receive radiation. One doctor suggested I do it “just in case” while another told me I didn’t really need it.

With conflicting messages and no clarity, I felt increasing anxiety as I tried to figure out what to do. Ultimately, I realized I couldn’t think my way to a solution, so I turned to my dreams to help me.

I did a series of dream incubations that focused on both options and my dreams clearly showed me what path would be best for me.

As a result, I was able to make a soul-level decision I felt good about, much to my relief.

Getting Even Better Dream Incubation Results

Your dreams are soul medicine that are tailored just for you. The more you pay attention and work with them, the more easily they will come to you and give you the insight you need.

In the beginning, I suggest creating an intention and recording your dreams for weeks, even months, until you get a satisfactory response. (Because I use this process often and expect it to work, it usually only takes me one night to get a dream.)

Pick one question or intention to contemplate and focus on it for awhile. Immerse yourself in the theme.

Your dreams may not reflect literal imagery related to your question. Instead, they may be metaphoric. Don’t look for the obvious, literal answer. Use your dreams like divination tools.

When you want to dream solutions to problems the last thing you want is to get cryptic dream messages! I’ve had success incubating straight forward, more literal dreams by saying, “My intention is to dream about ______. Please send a dream I can easily understand!”

Invite a friend to incubate dreams on your behalf, or do the same for a friend and share the results. Two people dreaming about one topic will double your results!

This process is a form of soul medicine that you can use to help you find direction in mind, body, and soul.

P.S. I still have the pottery wheel nearly 20 years later. It’s survived several moves, including one big one half way across the country.


Photo by SwapnIl Dwivedi on Unsplash