I know today is Easter and that Christians all over the world are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus (Happy Easter if you’re one of them), but I wanted to talk about what it would mean if you were to let yourself die so you could resurrect yourself.


I’m not talking about doing any harm to your body. (Please don’t harm your body!)

I’m talking about consciously choosing to let go of that which no longer serves you so you can resurrect that which you truly love about life. So…

What’s Not Working In Your Life?

Think about an area that is far from satisfactory. In fact, think of any area of your life, love, health, or wealth where you would LOVE to recreate yourself.

I’ll wait for you to think about it…

Got it?

Here’s an example in case you’re confused: Feeling uninspired with your work? Perhaps it’s time to kill off the uninspired self so the inspired you can be reborn. See how easy it is?

Ok. Maybe it’s not easy. If it were easy you’d have done it already.

To begin the resurrection process, you need to first ask the BIG question I ask my clients when they feel dissatisfied, frustrated, or disconnected from their lives or when things aren’t working the way they want them to. Ask yourself:

What are you saying “no” to right now?

If you can answer that question with total honestly, you’ll have the exact information you need to move toward whatever it is your soul desires, because at the heart of many problems related to living the full expression of your purpose is a BIG, FAT “no” standing in your way.

When I was talking with a client a years ago, she told me she felt stuck with her life. I asked her if she knew what her purpose was and she said, “No.” The look of sadness on her face spoke volumes.

When I asked her what she was saying, “no” to in her life, though, she knew immediately. She wanted to get an MFT, a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy, but the cost and time commitment seemed prohibitive. Instead of moving forward, she simply said “no” to it and then tried to figure out what her purpose was.

In that moment I could tell that her “no” was a “no” to her purpose, to her true self, and that that “no” was causing all of her problems of feeling dissatisfied and disconnected.

We talked about this and weeded out whether or not she needed an MFT to do the work she felt called to do. Turns out she didn’t. She could begin immediately to help the people she wanted to help because it didn’t require therapeutic skills.

But saying, “NO!” to becoming an MFT was indirectly causing her to say “no” to her purpose because she thought she needed the MFT to do what she wanted to do. This left her feeling completely cut off from her soul and she couldn’t move forward. She became frozen.

So what are you saying “no” to right now?

I’ll be honest…you may need help with this. It might be easy to figure out what you’re saying “no” to, but it can be difficult to process all of the extra stuff you need to process in order to move through it successfully. Why? Because behind each “no” is something difficult to deal with.

Behind many “no” responses lie:

  • Ancestral wounds (parents who insisted you study engineering when you want to be an herbalist)
  • Limiting beliefs (the belief that you have to make sacrifices to make money)
  • Bad habits (that were once useful so they are particularly difficult to release)
  • Lack of know-how (know what you desire, but don’t know how to make it happen)
  • Lack of energy
  • Empathic overload (feeling the worlds pain)
  • Lack of boundaries (saying “yes” to everyone but yourself)
  • Sacrificing what you would LOVE to have by rooting yourself in safety, security, and a need to feel loved to the detriment of joy

All of these things can get in the way of moving through that “no” into the engaging, inspiring life you were born to live.

Here are some suggestions for moving forward

If an ancestral wound is shouting, “NO”, you may need ancestral healing or soul recovery.

If it’s limiting beliefs, read about the Law of Polarity.

Empathic overload: read the Survival Guide for Empaths

Whatever it the cause, commit to getting to the core of it so you can shed the no and instead say yes!

Happy Resurrection Day.