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Summer is a great time of year for lightening up. Days are long and sunny. The weather is warm (or hot). And it’s natural for us to respond by opening ourselves up to life. Yet, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the summer activities, you may feel a heaviness instead.

If you’re ready to release the heaviness and/or lighten your lightness, flower essences can help you. Although they seem simple, flower essence help us access emotions more easily so we can either heal them or enhance them.

To invoke summer lightness (especially if you feel weighed down), consider the following flower essence remedy:

Summer Lightness Remedy

Angelica: If you feel disconnected from spiritual guidance and/or want to enhance your connection

Sunflower: To cultivate a sun radiant personality

You can purchase them at local health food stores, holistic drug stores, or online from Flower Essence Society (which is where I buy mine).

If youโ€™re new to flower essences, you can download a free copy of my flower essence manual.