In 2007, I got some seriously bad news.

I was at Esalen with Robert Moss and we’d just done a shamanic journey in which I visited my ancestors.

It was the most realistic journey I’ve ever done.

I could feel the sea mist on my face; smell the mildew on the ships at port. I felt like I had physically transported to 17th century New England.

It was there that I received a message that shook me to the core.

My ancestor, Jonathan Padelford, and his American Indian companion, Meeshkawa, showed me a future vision of devastation and nuclear warfare. I saw a huge mushroom cloud.

These ancestors pleaded with me to help resurrect the ancient, indigenous ways and to heal our lineage, and they told me that unless we modern folk made some significant changes in our lives, this nuclear war was a very real possibility.

I believed them.

This memory came flooding back to me recently when my colleague, Dan Reed Miller, posted the following sleeping dream on Facebook (I have his permission to share it). This dream is the perfect example of how we receive personal and global guidance in our dreams.

I’m watching a documentary about the state of the world. It is more than an ordinary documentary, more like a full 3-D reality-immersion, flying above the Earth.

There are two visions.


[I see] the entire Earth as a scorched wasteland, a yellow-brown-red desert of de-vegetation and toxic effluent, the sky itself is a pall of yellow haze. It’s as though we’ve rendered the whole world into a nearly lifeless tailings pile.

But then directly next to this horrible vision arises its nearly total opposite.

Not just teeming nature and countryside but cities that are verdant oases of vibrant green, dense with both buildings and an incredible lushness of trees, gardens, and life of all kinds. Both are visions of the future. I’m given to understand (in the dream) that the choice is literally ours, and now is the very moment of choice.

Interestingly, I had a sleeping dream of a similar theme around the same time. I dreamed I accidentally stumbled upon a co-creative housing community that was arising in response to the potential problems presented in Dan’s dream.

The fact that Dan and I had these dream indicates that we (and now you, too, because you’ve read the dreams) can effect the changes we seek in this world.

We are not powerless, but powerful.

If we want to not only survive as a species, but thrive, we need to pivot.

Part of our healing process means resurrecting the ways of the ancient ones, our ancestors; ways that are deeply aligned with nature and the creative energies of the Universe.

These ancient ways teach us how to bend and shift reality, which is exactly what we need to be able to do to create a healthier future.

[bctt tweet=”Our beliefs about the future will shape what happens.”]

If we collectively believe we are doomed, we’ll experience doomsday.

If we collectively believe we can create a healthier way, we will.

So I wonder, what will this healing entail?

How will we co-create a new path that is more aligned with a sense of thriving instead of surviving?

What is my role?

What is your role?

How can we engage it now (instead of waiting for someone else to start)?

What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Share them below: