Photo by Marco Secchi on Unsplash

Years ago, I was standing in my Oakland apartment when I suddenly smelled roses. Despite the delightful fragrance, there wasn’t a rose in sight. I told a psychic friend about the incident and she said it was one of my guides there to help me.

Roses have been associate with love or a loving presence since the Greco-Roman period. Venus, the goddess of fertility, and Aphrodite, the goddess of love, often had roses adorning them in artwork.

Roses can help you ease into understanding, compassion, and healing. This flower has a calming, peaceful presence.

These days it’s easy to shut our hearts down as a copying mechanism for the madness of the world–but shutting down your heart is not the answer. If you feel shut down, then here are a few ways to soothe your heart so you can open it up. You’ll feel more connected to your soul AND you will be able to give and receive more love.

Pink or Red Rose Tea

You can buy high quality, dried roses from Mountain Rose Herbs (don’t use store bought roses, they have too many chemicals on them). Or you can buy prepackaged rose tea (from Tulsi, for example).

Rock Rose Flower Essence

You can order Rock Rose Flower Essence from the Flower Essence Society (FES). This essence will help you move beyond fear or panic by helping you access your courage, inner peace, and tranquility. If you’re new to Flower Essences, you can download my free ebook How to Make Flower Essences, which has a description of the best way to use pre-made essence from FES, as well as teaching you the very simple method of making your own.

Rose Essential Oil

My favorite essential oil company is Eden’s Garden. Take a lovely bath with rose essential oil, or spritz it by combining 1 oz of witch hazel with a few drops of rose oil, and feel yourself release the stress of the day and open yourself to your soul’s tranquility.

Bouquet of Roses

Buy yourself a bouquet of roses. Pink, red, yellow, white–whatever color you love.

A Rose by any other name is still as sweet

By opening our hearts we make room for our soul to guide us toward the loving life we long to live. Roses are just one way we can do that.