Years ago, when I was immersed in shamanic studies, I remembered something significant: you can’t desperately probe your way to clarity, insight and information.

Maybe you’ve experienced this yourself.

Have you ever anxiously explored your mind for insight, or desperately tried to get guidance from Source in an attempt to find the “perfect” next step, only to discover it never comes, causing you to feel even more anxious or desperate?

I certainly have.

What I re-realized this weekend is the importance of growing my life like a shamanic healer heals – intuitively, with faith and movement.

This method makes it easier to connect with Source and receive the information required for moving forward.

Here’s my roundabout way of explaining this important lesson:

Shamanic healing is the art of (re)moving stuck energy and reintegrating missing soul pieces. Neither of these areas are easily perceived unless you have developed your second sight. For this reason, it can feel like make-believe to work in this arena. It requires faith and follow-through, even when there is doubt.

In order to access information from Source, the healer must be able to navigate the imaginal realm, which is different than the imaginary realm, although they are two unique aspects of imagination, both equally important.

The imaginal realm is the place where angels and spirit guides reside. This is also the realm where intuitive information exists as images, knowings, sounds, smells, and tactile senses. It’s where we connect with deeper, universal truths.

The imaginary realm, on the other hand, is make-believe. Just because you imagine you’re holding an apple doesn’t mean you are actually holding a physical apple.

In other words, the imaginal realm is where energetic, but non-material beings, messages and information lives. The imaginary realm is make-believe, although still useful.

Considering this, here’s the key to my entire revelation:

When you access the place of make-believe you have to be proactive. You are the creator. The artist. The Inventor. You actively imagine the apple. Maybe you paint it. You can make it red or green, whole or sliced, juicy or dried up.

Growing your life is partly an act of creation. It requires you to take ideas and metaphorically paint them into reality. This can be fun and inspiring.

It can also become maddening when you need guidance, but stay stuck in activity mode and forget to listen for insight. This is where it’s helpful to understand how the imaginal realm works.

In order to successfully access the imaginal realm you need to be 90% open and receptive, 10% active. In fact, the more you try to probe this arena and actively seek information from a place of neediness or desperation, the more the information slips away.

For example, when I am in shamanic healing mode, I have to be open to receiving information. If I adopt a desperate, hurried attitude and a feeling of, “Oh my, I must find the cause of this illness. What is it? What is it? I have to get it right!” Then the information will not present itself. I will stay stuck and ineffective.

The very act of probing shuts down my receptors and no matter how hard I try, I cannot get information.

In order to get clear, solid information I have to surrender to the process. I state my intention, then let go of attachments and expectations. When I do this, information comes flooding in.

Spirit guides and animals might appear and lead me to a missing soul piece. I can then retrieve it and integrate it back into my client’s body. 95% of the time my clients verify that what I experienced was a fact of their past, not a part of my “imaginary” realm imagination.

To be a good healer I have to constantly let go and surrender to the process, letting my skeptical thoughts come and go like a spring breeze and allowing my body to move intuitively where it needs to go to remove stuck energy.

The Same is True in Life – Surrendering will Help You Move More Freely

How many times have you tried to think your way to a solution? Anxiously probed or felt desperate to get things right?

How many times have you needed clients yesterday or felt panicky about your current financial situation, causing you to desperately push your way into possible scenarios in hopes of moving forward?

And how many times have you discovered it simply doesn’t work that way. In fact, it usually just pushes clarity further away.

So the next time you feel desperate about a situation, become the healer of your practice.

Let go and trust the moment.

State your intention then open your awareness.

Pay attention to images, thoughts, knowings, sounds, feelings and act on what you hear.

The more you practice this way of growing your life, the easier it becomes.

So what do you think?

How have you used the imaginal realm or intuition to help you make decisions? Share below in the comments.

Let’s discuss.