After two hours of waiting for jury duty, I finally heard the theme of the trial: alleged sexual abuse of a child.

As a potential juror, my emotional and physical reaction was alarming.  Although I felt no judgment toward the accused, images of the countless women I know, including myself, who experienced sexual and emotional abuse or harassment, flashed in my mind.

The charge shook me to the bone. Abuse of any kind can have a traumatic impact on a person’s well being, and I felt such a strong repulsion in that moment, I knew I could never serve on this jury. If I did, I would feel traumatized myself.

Trauma causes emotional blocks that get in our way

Unresolved trauma can block a woman’s ability to stand in her power, especially her spiritual power.

It isn’t that she can’t be successful with this lingering wound, but there may be an underlying tendency to second guessing herself. Mental, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse can make a woman experience perpetual self-doubt, feelings of unworthiness, and fear of being seen. These feelings alert us that there may be something amiss on a soul level.

Sometimes these feelings are subtle, other times they’re extreme. Regardless, a woman shouldn’t have to work so hard to make a little progress in her life.

Getting caught up in a never ending cycle

What most people don’t understand is that the past trauma can put a person in a sort of cycle. The trauma victim repeatedly feels the emotional impact of the original experience in her current life, even if the current situation is nowhere near as traumatic as the initial situation.

But this type of trauma cannot be thought away, ignored or pushed aside.

You cannot tell a woman to “get over her trauma and move on already.” The trauma is energetically locked in a woman’s cells. Until she’s able to release the emotion, she will continue to experience the after effects of the trauma.

There is a scientific explanation for this. According to Dr. Mona Lisa Schultz, neuropsychiatrist and medical intuitive (paraphrased from Awakening Intuition, page 97-98)

Trauma increases levels of dissociation. This means that certain emotions and memories are split off; they lie in the body tissue or areas of the brain we can’t access.

You could be moving through a benign, non-threatening situation but your body perceives it as a threatening, traumatic situation making it just as traumatizing and stressful as the former experience.

So if you’re repetitively reliving and re-experiencing a traumatizing memory, two things happen: you begin to see the pattern of that memory everywhere and you re-create it in the present.

Dr. Schultz’s work focuses on the correlation between traumatic memory and disease. I’ve noticed the same correlation with traumatic memory and a woman’s ability to stand in her spiritual power and live the full expression of her purpose and potential.

Healing to reConnect with Your Purpose and Power

Years ago, I started working with clients on a new level.

In addition to guiding them on how to connect with their purpose, I also noticed the effects of soul healing on their ability to connect with their spiritual power.

So far the results are pretty impressive.

During the sessions, I worked with my clients to help them heal past traumas.

In some sessions, there was a lot of emotional clearing that helped my clients immediately feel freer and more connected to their lives and bodies. Some felt they’d been released from restraints.

In other sessions, we worked specifically with perpetrator energy, or the energetic imprint of any person who violated my clients’ mind, body or soul. Once the energy was removed, my clients reported feeling more empowered to take their work to the next level.

But this work isn’t just resulting in women feeling more empowered and having more clarity. Some are taking huge leaps, going way out of their comfort zone, and attracting new, beautiful experiences as a result.

Essentially, soul healing helps my clients access and release the trauma that’s been hiding in their cells. It’s truly exciting to witness the impact these healings have on my clients’ ability to stand in their spiritual power and connect with their purpose and potential in profound ways.

To summarize today’s musings

Trauma, whether from abuse or any other means, gets lodged in cellular memory. This can influence a woman’s ability to stand in her spiritual power, but the good news is that this trauma can be healed. Once a layer is healed, a woman is often more comfortable in her skin and freer to do the work she loves.

Fortunately, we do not have to be perpetual victims of our past, but our past can be a pathway for deeper healing.