what would be possible
if you loved your

wild&worthy self?


If you’re anything like my clients, you’re mostly there. On one level, you know you’re capable of manifesting your vision, yet on another, you keep bumping up against feelings that become obstacles blocking your path.

Imposter syndrome, unworthiness, over giving, to name a few.

And you might wonder, why does this happen? Then secretly feel shame because everyone else seems to move through life so easily.

But here’s the thing: Several studies show that 80% of women and girls feel “not good enough,” and what I know is that this problem is often rooted in the past. Particularly, from ancestral wounds and soul loss that happened before the age of 18 (but it could also happen at anytime of life).

When we experience trauma or drama before the age of 18, pieces of our soul go into hiding in order to stay safe. As a result, we lose contact with our true nature, which includes our sense of worthiness. We adopt a false persona to in order to feel loved and a sense of belonging. But as we get older, this false persona turns into obstacles that block our soul’s journey.

So even when we’re successful, the ancestral wound can slip in unannounced and influence our confidence, creating blocks that prevent us from living our wild & worthy life.

The good news? Ancestral wounds can be healed, and lost soul pieces can be retrieved and integrated back into the body. Once healed, you feel joyfully in love with your wild & worthy self as you confront obstacles more easily.

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“The visualization we practiced together really helped me!”

In fact I woke up super rested and feeling great because I followed the game plan!! You’ve been such a catalyst for transformation for me in the short time we’ve worked together, and I so appreciate you.

— Jeny Smith, business owner


Ready to take the next step?