You know that dream in which you forget all about math class (or history class, or Spanish class, or English class, or science class) and now it’s the end of the year and you have a FINAL EXAM!

And you didn’t study because you totally forgot you had the class in the first place?

I used to have that dream all the time.

Except the class I forgot was art class. (Well…I’ve actually dreamed about missing math, history, Spanish, English AND science class…but mostly art.)

So that dream.

In general it’s about feeling unprepared for something you believe you should be prepared for, but you don’t feel prepared. It’s a very common dream. People have it all the time.

Which means you’ve likely had it at least once in your life.

Here’s what your dream is trying to tell you:

In the far corners of your mind (or maybe even out loud) you might be saying something like this, “I feel soooooo unprepared for this thing I’m doing. I’m going to fail. And then I’ll get fired or dumped or reprimanded and it’s not going to be pretty. And I could have avoided it. If only I had been paying attention or got another degree or read that book! What’s wrong with me?”

And you may wake up going, what? I never took art class. Or maybe you’re thinking, But I aced math class…what?

Anxiety dreams like this can give you great insight into underlying stresses you may not be aware of, or you may totally be aware of them, and you may feel like these stresses are wreaking havoc on your life. Note: you may or may not be conscious of feeling this way.

One of the many, many reasons I love dreams is that a complete dream illuminates your problems AND provides soulutions.

So, if you dream you miss art class, that is your problem illuminated. In the dream, the problem is that you are skipping doing art. You’re missing out on learning more about art. You aren’t expressing your art talents.

What might that mean to you?

It’s likely different for you than it is for me, unless you, too, have a degree in art.

I am a painter and crafter, and I LOVE doing these things. Except I rarely do them. I get too caught up in my work and months can go by before I remember I own paint supplies.

Dreaming that I forgot art class sometimes shows me that I’m forgetting my creative side.

If my dream self remembers that I forgot art class and then I go to art class, this might be an invitation to do something creative in waking life, either with paint and canvas, or to add a creative element in my work.

Maybe my work has been too dry and linear and adding a creative element might liven things up AND make me feel more joy.

So here’s what I really wanted to share with you: when you have this dream, look for the before and after.

If you don’t remember the entire dream you will likely only see the “before” part. That’s ok. The before part illuminates the problem, you are missing art class (or math class or science class, you get the picture).

But there is an “after” part, or a solution. The second part shows you what to do: go to art class and be creative. That’s an invitation to add creativity to your waking life somehow.

Sometimes the “after” part of this type of dream shows you showing up for class, feeling totally unprepared. You might be wondering what kind of “solution” is this? Doesn’t seem like one.

However, the clever dream is saying, “Look what happens when you’re unprepared…you feel anxious and may not do well on the exam, but you survived. You didn’t die. So the worst thing that can happen is that you fail and that’s it. No big deal.”

The dream also can inspire you to take waking life action to do whatever it takes to feel prepared.

Each subject matter has a distinct message. They might be saying:

Science: what might you need to understand scientifically?

English: what type of communication do you need to address?

Math: how well are you calculating your life? Do the numbers add up?

Spanish: since I am not a native Spanish speaker, for me this dream is about how I might need to learn a new language, but not necessarily a foreign language. That depends on what I’m doing in my waking life. For instance, if I want to work with a new type of client I might need to learn the language they speak so I can communicate with them more effectively.

Gathering More Information From Your Dreams

If you don’t remember the second part, though, you may need to incubate a dream to gather more information, or do a dream re-entry (while awake go back into the dream and explore possible scenarios), or simply tune in and ask yourself what the solution might be.

Dreams illuminate seen (things you are aware of) and unseen (things you are not aware of) obstacles that are preventing you from having the health, wealth, life, and love you desire.

What obstacles are your dreams showing you in your dreams? What’s the before and after scenario?