When I lived in Minnesota, I’d spend cold, winter days cozied up with a cup of tea and gardening books. Looking at the inspiring arrangements somehow filled my spirit with the balmy greenness displayed on the pages.

Dreaming about my garden was a diversion from the bleak reality outside my front door. (One winter, the windchill got to 47 degrees BELOW zero. The Governor closed the entire state for the day.)

But dreaming also expands your ability to see possibilities for your future, and nourishes the part of you that longs for new things.

I once read a study about two things that make a person feel happy. One was their current life, another was an inspiring future vision. So taking time to dream is not a luxury reserved for those with free time. It’s necessary for your health and wellbeing.

Dreaming in this way is part of the “rest” period that is the gift of winter.

The ground lies fallow and so must we. We must take time to go inward during these darker months so we are prepared to go outward come Spring.

So what will you dream about this month?

Give yourself permission to sit with a few books, or magazines, or Pinterest, and sink into your dream house, your dream garden, your dream life.

What would it look like? Feel like?

How will YOU feel when you have it?

These dreaming periods are the perfect way to begin planning your year.

You aren’t really committing to anything. Just freely dreaming to give your imagination a canvas and your heart a paintbrush.

Here’s my Pinterest Dream Board. It’s my way of “dreaming” out loud:


Create your own Pinterest Dream Board and share it here:


We’d all love to see what inspires you AND hold the space for it to happy.