I just got off the phone with a client of mine, Leslie, who is great at manifesting. She seems to have an effortless way of aligning with Spirit to help her turn her desires into reality.

But even Leslie, a master manifestor, can catch herself making decisions that make it harder for Spirit to help her.

During our coaching session today, Leslie confided to me, “I realized I was shutting doors (opportunities) that were opened to me, and it was due to my own prejudices and judgments.”

What great awareness!

The Importance of Aligning All of You

One of the key components of successful manifesting is to align all of your thoughts, words, actions and feelings in order to become a clear channel so Spirit can manifest through you more freely. This is a essential when it comes to manifesting whatever it is you are trying to create.

So for instance, if you want to fill your practice with amazing clients you love, you need to align your thoughts, words, actions and feelings so they are opening you up to receive those clients. Then you pay attention to what shows up in your space. Notice what figurative (or literal) doors open for you and then walk through them. They may or may not be the door that leads to your amazing client, but then again, they might be.

First Get Clear

Before you align your energies, though, you need to first get clear about what it is you want to manifest.

It could be as simple as manifesting a lost set of keys, or as complex as a 6-figure business. Whatever it is, once you have the clarity about what you desire, you set your intention to create that thing and then you pay attention to what is happening around you. (E.g. My intention is to find my keys, quickly and easily.)

Often times, people get stuck in the manifestation process because they have a preconceived idea of how their desire is going to show up in their lives.

For instance, if your intention is to make $10,000 this month and you assume it has to come a certain way, like from a client, you may miss an opportunity to manifest the money because the opportunity may present itself differently than you imagined.

You may get an invitation to speak at a convention, one that will lead to the $10,000 you desire. This is the “door” you’ve been looking for, but you ignore the invitation because you don’t see the correlation between speaking and your $10,000 goal, nor do you think you have time for a speaking gig because you’re trying to get a client to earn your $10,000. If you aren’t paying attention to all of the possibilities, you may unintentionally ignore the figurative door that has opened for you and instead walk right by it.

Allow it To Happen

The trick in manifesting is to set your intention and then get out of your way!

Don’t judge what’s happening as right or wrong, but keep an open mind.

My client Leslie met a woman who upon first glance didn’t seem to be the right type of client for her, but once she realized she was shutting doors the Divine was opening for her, she started to re-align her energies. She ended up talking to this woman and the woman is interested in her program.

Whether Leslie ends up working with this woman or not is not the point. The point is that she re-opened the door and took a chance so she could explore the real situation instead of the make believe one in her head.

This is what it takes to manifest successfully: noticing the open door and walking through it.

So what doors might be open for you that you’re closing out of judgment or fear?

How might you open it back up and walk though it?

What’s the worst thing that could happen if it doesn’t work out?

What’s the best thing that could happen if it does work out?

Now what are you going to do?