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Do You Ever…

  • Feel guilty setting boundaries with certain people?
  • Over-give because you have a hard time saying, “No!”
  • Do things you’d rather not do because you’re doing what everyone else is doing?
  • Want to set boundaries but are afraid of hurting someone’s feelings?
  • Wish you had a way to create boundaries before you need them?
  • Feel like a lack of boundaries is adversely impacting your life?
  • Desire a simple way to create and set boundaries without feeling guilty?
  • Worry that you’ll never figure it out?

You want to live  your wild & worthy life, but you need “tried and true” boundaries to help you do that!

I know from personal experience how challenging it can be for sensitive empaths and spiritually aware people to set guilt-free boundaries and stick to them. That’s why I designed this program—to help you master a few strategies that will have you setting guilt-free boundaries in no time!

“I found myself led to a place in my psyche that was enriching, healing, and supportive”

“This program supported me in surprising ways. I now have new tools and insights that are helping me bring my boundary skills to a new level, one that will match the simultaneous professional shifts I’m making. In all aspects of this program, Amy speaks with clarity, joy, and compassion that is sure to be beneficial to you, regardless of where you are on your journey of life!”

— Áine E. DeDanaan, holistic healer and coach

This program has every thing you need to have Guilt Free Boundaries:

For today only, I’d like to offer you Guilt Free Boundaries for…

$127 $77


Here’s What You’ll Receive in this Program



Why it’s essential that women have guilt free boundaries



What are healthy boundaries?



How to confidently communicate boundaries with grace.



The importance of shifting beliefs around boundaries.



Visualization techniques to shift boundaries and bad habits



How to work with your spirit guardian animal



Guided journey to meet your spirit guardian animal

.28-Page Field Notes Journal:

A guided journal and deep dive into your relationship with boundaries and how to shift them.



Beautiful “Guilt Free Boundaries” info graphic poster and bookmark you can download and print to inspire you.

With guilt free boundaries you’ll be able to stand in your wild & worthy self!

You’ll be able to:

  • Walk with confidence and speak with grace while you set guilt free boundaries
  • Stop over-giving and eliminate your bottomless “to-do” list
  • Have a calendar with time for “me time” and “free time” and joyful living
  • Design your life the way you want to live it
  • Have healthier relationships with family, friends, clients, colleagues
  • Feel the freedom of living as your fully embodied soulful self

And…even better news…



Have Guilt Free Boundaries – TODAY!

To support you on your journey, I’ve designed an in-depth program so you can get started immediately.

$127 $77

Buy Now, Start Today


I was able to uncover and bring awareness to parts of myself that needed to be seen and healed.

The journaling prompts were challenging and helped me see where I had resistance to, and fear of, examining past painful experiences. Amy’s insights and experience introduced new depths to familiar concepts, and challenged me to deepen my practice of creating healthy boundaries as a sensitive person in the world. So crucial!

Alyssia Valentin

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