Last Monday was Beltane, the seasonal shift my ancestors celebrated to mark the transition from spring to summer, which means spring is halfway over and my garden is still not planted!

This got me to thinking about the similarities between planting seeds and growing desires. Or specifically, how to deal with the frustration that comes after the newness of planting wears off and still, nothing is growing.

Your Soul Garden…It’s a Metaphor

When you plant seeds to grow food or flowers, there’s always a period during which you don’t see any growth.

You see earth. Mud. Dirt.

But your seed? It’s quietly nestled in the darkness, waiting.

And you, the gardener, might feel the anticipatory excitement that comes from waiting for new life. You’re eager. Curious. Ready.

Yet at some point you may wonder to yourself, “Seriously. How long DOES it take for tomatoes to grow?”

You might be tempted to dig up the seed to see if it’s sprouted, but that would harm the plant, which means you have to wait, not knowing if something is really happening.

You have to have faith.

So you wait.

With faith.

While you wait, though, you notice your neighbor’s garden. She planted her seeds months ago, so her tomatoes are already growing. In fact, they’re turning red!

But you’re a spiritual person, so you just smile as you wave and congratulate her on her tomatoes. All the while feeling like a failure because it’s been 5 days and your tomatoes aren’t ready yet.

The same thing can happen when you finally commit to growing your soul’s desires. You’re excited, ready go, but things don’t always grow quite as quickly as you’d like. So you wait.

Growing Madness

This is what women (and some men) do to themselves on a regular basis when they’re growing their desires or soul purpose or whatever you want to call it. They lose faith. They get impatient. They succumb to the pitfalls of Compare and Despair.

When you’re in this place, it seems like everyone else is growing exactly what they want to be growing, exactly when they want to be growing it. They seem soulful. Centered. Alive.

And you’re like, “Hey, I know my purpose (or I don’t), I planted my desires, I’m tending to them, making calls, reaching out, doing stuff. Why the *#!% am I not getting any results?”

But you are getting results.

You might have tiny roots settling in before something big happens.

You might have a sprout that’s about to burst through the surface to get its first glimpse of sunshine.

You might have seeds that are lying dormant until a huge rainfall so they can bloom in a showy display of color.

Or, you might have a dead seed that is decomposing.

No matter what’s happening, you are getting results.

So take that in for a moment.

You Are Getting Results.

You just can’t see them yet and they may or may not be the results you desire.

There may be things you need to do to get better results. Or faster results.

You may need to recalibrate to feel more aligned with what you want to create.

And you may need to hire an expert to help you figure out how to do that (like me).

But you are getting results.

Growing Gracefulness

If you are not getting the results you desire, do a dream incubation to see if you are on the right path. Ask your dreams if it’s just too early to see the new life you are creating. Are you simply in seed mode, planted and ready to burst forth? (Your dream incubation statement might be: Show me how my desires will grow if I keep doing what I’m doing.)

Or do you need some sort of fertilizer (outside influence or TLC)?

Do you need water (which could be emotion or an infusion of enthusiasm)?

Or to dry out a bit (which would be creating less emotion…like if you’re too anxious or nervous or freaked out about not getting results which is too much of the wrong kind of emotion).

For example, one of my clients was happy with her career, but she wasn’t in love with it. Instead, her work felt like a wilted plant that had lost its life.

The problem was that she didn’t know what the problem was. After we discussed her desires, though, she began to realize that she’d been denying her creativity and as a result, she felt like a shadow of her true self.

Once she realized this, she felt excited for the first time in weeks. She made a plan to integrate her creativity and spirituality into her work, and suddenly her enthusiasm was back and she could feel the seeds of her career starting to grow new life with big, colorful blossoms.

Growing ideas is just like growing a garden.

Assess your situation, hire someone who has experience knowing how to get seeds to grow, and decide if you need to recalibrate or simply wait.

Flower Essences to Help You Move Forward

Creating a flower remedy with sage flower essence may be the exact thing you need to support your emotional state while you actively seek support from a person who can help you. Sage flower essence is all about feeling faith in the meaning and working of your destiny. You can order flower essences from the Flower Essence Society on their website.

Happy Growing,


P.S. If you need help growing your purpose or desires in a way that feels joyfully extraordinary, I’d love to talk with you. Just hit reply to this email and let me know you’d like to talk.