In the olden days, I tried to pick the fastest line at Whole Foods by assessing which patrons had the fewest groceries. Unfortunately, this method rarely worked.

Instead, I’d end up behind someone with an unexpected problem that would delay the line by ridiculous amounts of time.

And the lines next to me, the ones with five times the people and groceries in them, would always move faster than I was.

Well, one day I was driving toward the tollbooth near my house, trying to figure out which line would be fastest, when it hit me: why not ask the Universe to send me where I’m most needed instead of trying to figure out which line will be fastest?

What’s the Rush?

I wasn’t in a hurry. I didn’t have to be anywhere in particular. What was my rush?

So I tried it out. I said, “Show me where I am most needed” and I immediately got a clear answer. Slowly, a flow of energy emerged between where I was and where I was most needed, and so I chose that line.

I realized in that moment that it’s not always about imposing our agenda on the world, like being fast, or the fastest, or the first.

Rather, it’s about being where we need to be.

You never know if one of the tollbooth operators is feeling depressed and needs your friendly demeanor to cheer him up.

Or if the person behind you really needs the faster line because she is late to pick up her kids from school.

The truth is, your presence can either add to the craziness in this world or be a healing balm to those around you.

And in many situations, when you put your wants before other people’s needs, you can unintentionally add to the chaos.

But when you tune into the Universe (aka God, Goddess, Source, Higher Self, whatever you want to call it) and navigate your life from a higher mind, you align with Divine flow, which will lead you to where you need to be.

So how do you go where you most need to be?

Embody stillness and movement at the same time, like a hummingbird who is flying in place, observing her environment.

If you find yourself caught up in the angst, chaos and craziness of modern living, start by noticing your thoughts.

Let go of whatever is on your mind.

Consciously pull all of your scattered, mental energies back into your body.

Feel yourself centering, even as you move.

Then simply ask yourself, where do I most need to be? Or, where am I most needed?

Then tune into your intuition and feelings. And wait until you receive a message.

You might feel a pull in a certain direction, or get an inner image or a knowing of what to do.

Then do it.

The more you practice, the easier it gets.

Remember, the way you are being in the world can either contribute to the chaos or become part of the healing.

The choice is yours. Always.