Soul Medicine for Women:

Flower Essences to Help You Create a Vibrant Life

Dear beautiful woman,

As women, one of our strengths is having a deep connection to our feelings. This connection can help us be empathic, compassionate, and soulful leaders.

Yet in order to protect ourselves, we often build walls that make it harder to process our authentic emotions. As children, we don’t have the mental capacity to process drama and trauma, so it gets stored in our energy body, waiting until we’re ready to heal it. Even as adults we may shut down our feelings in order to avoid them. But buried emotions are hard to access. Unless, that is, you use flower essences. Flower essences are so simple it’s easy to dismiss them as legitimate soul medicine, but they are powerful healing tools.

In this ebook, I share

  • What are flower essences
  • Why they’re useful if you have buried emotions
  • Why they’re useful if you want to cultivate spiritual and emotional wellness
  • How to use them
  • Recipes for creating flower essence soul medicine

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“You’ve been such a catalyst for transformation for me in the short time we’ve worked together, & I so appreciate you.”

— Jen S, business owner

“I had major breakthroughs with understanding and really accessing parts of myself that were hidden.”

— Melanie Eclare, business owner

“I got such clear and powerful answers, and I felt absolved of SO MUCH fear just from one exercise.”

— Erin Langly, dreamworker & acupuncturist

“I feel better in mind, body, and soul.”

— Sarah Johnson, author, marriage and family therapist

“I’ve worked with dream teachers before, but I think you’re a genius in this area!”

– Marina Aguilar, MFT

“You have given me more faith and trust in myself.”

— Bonnie, dreamworker

“That was an inspirational and magical journey we went on. You are an extraordinary Healer and deeply gifted in your intuitive and psychic skills.”

— ME

“All of the scattered energy that blocked me from accessing my ideas and manifesting my possibilities—you just moved it all out of the way. I’ve worked with life coaches, and have done some cursory work, but Amy, you have a real gift for this. It’s very powerful.”

— Janice Olson