A couple weeks ago I shared my Pinterest Dream Board with you. Did you make one?

If not, it’s not too late.

If so, you may be ready to turn some of those ideas into reality.

Maybe you may want to plant your dream garden.

Or shift the direction of your business/career.

Or design all of your own clothes (because you NEVER find anything in a store that A) fits and B) is awesome).

Whatever it is, you dream of doing it.

But maybe you think you can’t do it because it would cost too much time or money.

Or maybe you think you can’t do everything at once.

And you don’t know which thing to focus on first, second, and third.

In other words, maybe you feel overwhelmed by all of the inspiring dreams you’ve had and you have no idea where to start.

Ready to find out the best next step? Here’s how:

Create a Soul Constellation

A Soul Constellation is a fun and simple process that can help you find the best next step for creating health, wealth, life, and love.

Get out a colored piece of paper to represent your higher self. (I keep a bunch of colorful construction paper on hand for this.)

Put the paper on the floor, anywhere you feel called to put it. There is no right or wrong place.

Now look at it.

Call in your higher self, the part of you that is most clearly connected to God, Goddess, Universe, Divine, whatever you want to call it, and imagine your higher self standing where the paper is standing.

Once you feel your higher self on the paper, stand on it.

Ask, “What is my first step.”

Tune in.

Don’t think.

Don’t try and find the solution.

Let it come to you.

When you receive an answer, write it down.

Then, when you’re ready, stand on the paper again and say, “What is my second step?”

When you receive an answer, write it down.

Rinse, repeat.

Rinse, repeat.

Voila (imagine an accent on the “a”), you have a higher-self-inspired-plan.

And it may not make any sense to you.

Do it anyway.

(Of course, never do something that would harm someone else. Your higher self will never tell you to do something harmful. You probably know this already, but I have to mention it to keep my conscience clear.)

Here’s what I got when I did this exercise:

Action step 1: Paint my living room white. (It’s green.)

Action step 2: Get more plants and green things, like throw pillows.

Action step 3: Enjoy myself.

HINT: You can just do three “what is my next step” inquiries, or you can do an area of focus for each action step, like “What is my next step regarding wealth?” “What is my next step regarding health?” etc. I like to do the areas: health, wealth (work, finances), life, love.

Do it now and share what you got here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/the.dreaming.temple