Sometimes you need a little spring cleaning that goes beyond dusting.

Residual energy from visitors, tough days, and the nightly news can linger in your space and make it feel heavy.

If you work with clients, you might also have residual energies in your office that become a drain on your energy.

I do a lot of energy work with clients and my home can start to feel thick with other people’s emotions. In order to maintain my own health and wellbeing, it’s important for me to clear my space, so I created a small spray bottle with essential oils to clear the air as well as create clarity and inspiration. It’s not too fragrant so it won’t bother scent-sensitive people, and it uses pure essential oils instead of a smudge stick so people who can’t tolerate smoke will be able to enjoy your work without the worry.

Any time you need a pick me up or want to clear your space, just spray a bit of this Crystal Clear spray into your space and let it freshen your environment. (If you want a stronger smelling spray, just add more of each essential oil.)

Mix ingredients and add to a 30 mL bottle with a spray top. Shake well before using.

Crystal Clear Room Spray

1 T vodka (helps keep spoilage at bay)

1 T + 1 t witch hazel

16 drops grapefruit essential oil

7 drops lemon essential oil

7 drops orange essential oil

4 drops clary sage essential oil

Don’t get it in your eyes. The vodka and witch hazel will sting.

Use your favorite essential oil brand.

When cleansing energy, intention is as important as anything else you’re doing. As you spray the room, imagine the energy leaving and returning to Source (e.g. Goddess, God, the Universe, etc.).

The bonus of this spray? The essential oil blend will help you clear your mental state, not just your energetic space. You can use the oil blend (without the vodka and witch hazel) in a diffuser if you need inspiration and want to clear the fog. AND, it makes a great cool down spray for hot days. Just spritz yourself with it.

Forgot your spray?

Use your imagination instead. Imagine there’s a lemon people wash in front of you, like a car wash. Then walk through the imaginary area. It’s strange how this works, but it does. Don’t take my word for it. Try it!