How to Download Your Magazine

There are two formats, Magazine Style and PDF Style. Both are PDFs, but Magazine Style is formatted like a magazine with two pages side by side. This will only work on a PC or Mac PDF reader. The other version is a typical PDF.

Download: Magazine Style (You have to view this version in your PC or Mac’s Acrobat Reader to see the magazine effect.)

Download: PDF Style

To download them to a Mac or PC, right click the link above, then click “save target as” or “save link as” and then save them to your computer. Then you can open it in your PDF reader.

To read in a Kindle or iBook, open the file on your electronic device (e.g. iPad, iPhone, Android phone). It will open a window and give you the option to open in iBooks (if you have it) or “Open in…” and then let you select the app you’d like to use, like Kindle or


“I love the magazine!”

“I have read a couple of the articles so far and they are wonderful. The photos are so beautifully magical and inspiring! Please keep creating the magazine.” — Susan Neva