I sincerely dislike feeling out of sync, so this year I decided to make it a priority to feel more in tune with the seasons and cycles of nature in hopes that it would help me feel more in tune with myself.

And you know what? It’s working.

Eating with the Seasons: Spring

My new favorite thing is to make my own herbal tea blends and open faced sandwiches for lunch. I infuse them with color, flavor, and purpose, using veggies that support digestion so I can heal digestive issues that settled in during the rich-food months of winter.

I’ve also been creating “dream medicine” prescriptions for people based on the dreams they’ve had as well as the issues they’re working through in their lives. They might include herbal tea blends, essential oils, or flower essences, amongst other things.

So this month I prepared a “binge read” series of recipes for mind, body, and soul, including tea and essential oil blends, dream medicine, and a smattering of photos I’ve taken to help you usher in Spring with ease. They’re short, easy to read, and colorful.

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