Imagine you have a dream that ticks the size of dinner plates are on your legs, and that you can see the bulge of their huge bodies under your jeans. When you woke up, would you feel:

A. Super happy, like, “Wow! What a cool dream.”

B. In different, like, “Huh. Interesting. Where’s my morning coffee?”

C. Totally grossed, like, “GROOOOOOOSSSSS!”

When my friend had this dream, I’m pretty sure the answer was C.

Dreams of ticks and other creepy crawlies usually make people feel yucky.

And since tick season is starting soon, I thought I’d do a little piece on Tick Dreams and Other Creepy Crawlies.

Why Don’t We Like Bugs?

They suck our blood.

Get stuck in our bodies.

Give us diseases.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, we have to dream about them, too?

So why would the dream-maker waste a perfectly good night’s sleep by infusing your dream with bug imagery?

Precisely because something may be bugging you and trying to get your attention.

The Bug’s Business

Ticks, ants, spiders, mites—dreams of creepy crawlies are common and usually experienced with a full body shudder.

In order to determine the meaning of the dream, though, you can’t just look at one particular bug and come up with a standard definition. That’s because the insect’s activity in the dream sheds light on what’s going on in waking life.

For instance, is the bug sucking your blood? If so, I’d reflect on what or who might be bugging you in waking life, bugging you to the point of draining your of energy. (Sort of vampire-like.)

What’s Ticking in Your life?

Dreams are full of puns and the tick is a perfect one.

Dreams of ticks could be a reference to feeling out of control with time (tick-tock).

Or it could be a pun about having a “tic”, as in a repetitive behavior, usually subconscious or spasmodic and uncontrollable. It’s worth asking if the dream is revealing a habitual behavior that is impacting your life (either negatively or positively, depending on the dream scenario).

Insect Dreams and Prophecy of Illness

Whenever I have an insect dream, the first thing I do is examine whether or not the dream may be an indication of illness. An infestation of ants or spiders, for instance, can be an indication of cancer or another sickness, but it’s dependent on what the bugs are doing in the dream.

Years ago, a woman I knew dreamed a stairwell was infested with carpenter ants. Her dream self used bug spray to exterminate them. She later found out she had cancer in her spine and she required chemotherapy to eradicate the cancer (it worked, just like the chemical spray eradicated the carpenter ants in the dream).

I once dreamed one of my mixing bowls was filled with spider mites. In the dream, I used water to rinse them out. A few days later I had horrible intestinal pain (I’ll spare you the details). I remembered my dream–bugs in my bowl–and drank a lot of water to rinse out the “bowl/bowel” bug. It helped tremendously.

If you have a dream of insects and you aren’t an experienced dreamworker, it’s worth asking a pro what s/he thinks about the dream to determine if it’s possibly health related. The dream could be alterting you to a disease you already have OR warning you to take precautions. If, for example, you’re going for a hike and you dream of being covered by ticks, wear tick spray (a natural one like this recipe that uses essential oils).

“Medicine” to Help you Process Insect Dreams

If you have tick or insect dream, the following “Dream Medicine” might help you integrate the material of the dream so you can heat it and move beyond it, however, the quality and characteristic of the dream will greatly impact the herbal remedies that might help you. Work with an herbalist or aromatherapist to find the best oils or essences for your situation. Still, these are worth considering:

Something bugging you? 

Try Clove Essential Oil mat help you feel empowered and able to set healthy boundaries.

If you consistently feel impatient with someone who’s getting on your nerves, try Impatiens Flower Essence. Just a few drops under your tongue will help you process your emotions.

Have a “Tic” and Need to Release a Bad Habit? 

Try Basil Essential Oil to help release a bad habit.

Or Morning Glory Flower Essence if you need to process and heal erratic habits or addictions.

And perhaps Scleranthus Flower Essence if you have difficulty making decisions which are preventing you from moving forward.

How to Use Essential Oils: Simply inhale and enjoy, or add a few drops to a diffuser, or add 3 drops to a 1/2 t of grape seed oil (or any carrier oil) and rub it on your body (your heart, perhaps). (Use your favorite essential oil brand.)

How to Use Flower Essences: Just a few drops under your tongue will help you process your emotions.

Essential oils and flower essences are energy medicine, not magic bullets. They can help you access emotions so you can process them. 

Dreaming of Ticks and Other Creepy Crawlies

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