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The other day, I was talking with a woman who, despite her career success and happy life, was struggling to trust her spiritual gifts.

As a kid, she had remarkable psychic abilities. With eyes closed and from a distance, she could peer into the lives of others, and later tell them what they were doing and when they were doing it. When her mother found out, she told her daughter she had to hide her true nature, and then, to make sure the message sunk in, she gave her a good whacking and sent her to her room.

What Happens When You Hide Your Gifts?

When you have these sorts of gifts and you have to hide them to feel safe, the world becomes a difficult place.

Not only do you feel like you’re holding a huge part of yourself hostage, you don’t feel like you fit in anywhere.

Trust becomes a luxury as you wonder if the person sitting across from you is a kindred spirit who also has spiritual gifts, or if she’s a die-hard cynic who would turn you into the looney bin and lock you away if you were to bare your soul.

So you share carefully selected bits of yourself, hiding the rest, and you begin to feel disconnected, which can lead to soul loss. That is, unless you are fortunate enough to belong to a community of people who accept you for who you are.

The Power of Kindred Spirits

For the ten plus years I’ve been teaching spirituality, dreamwork, and shamanism, I’ve met a steady stream of men and women who fit this category and who are relieved to meet me. They tell me they have these kinds of gifts, too, and that they don’t know what to do with them.

I share with them that if they were born in another place, another time, their grandmothers and grandfathers would have taken them aside and taught them the ancient ways of their people.

They would have learned how to sing the dead into the afterlife or dream a soul back home. They would have been shamans, healers, dreamers, seers, or spiritual leaders who held the space for their people to come into wholeness.

I wonder what it would be like to live in a culture where these kinds of gifts were honored. A world in which we openly dreamed our desires into being and used spiritual guidance to help navigate our day-to-day challenges, like healing disease or ending a relationship.

The world needs people who are actively engaging their spiritual gifts, openly and honestly. These gifts can be used for healing purposes, to help others connect to their purpose and passion, to shed light on difficult situations. Or simply to comfort, guide, and love.

If you have spiritual gifts, what are you doing with them? How are you integrating them into your life?

Take time today to acknowledge your gifts, be grateful for them, and recognize that they are needed in this world, somewhere, somehow.

Then let your light shine a little more brightly and know that you’re not alone.

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