I have a completely ridiculous dream that involves a class B RV. I’ve had this dream for a long time and it seems like an impossible endeavor; however, that doesn’t mean it can’t come true, especially if I stay focused on it long enough to see it through.

So on this day that is set aside for Martin Luther King and his dream I’ve decided to honor my dream and I invite you to honor your own.

Essentially, I’m going to make an altar and call it my “I have a dream” altar. It will be small, with one or two objects I can see every day. The purpose of this altar is to remind me that every choice I make takes me closer to my dream or further away from it.

To make your own “I have a dream” altar here’s what you need:

One: Create a space for your altar so it is visible every day

My altar will be on my desk, between my keyboard and my computer monitor. This will allow me to see it all day long.

Here are some other areas where you might put your altar:

  • on a bookshelf
  • on a nightstand
  • on a table that is set aside just for your dream altar
  • on the wall

Two: Have objects on your altar to help your dream feel tangible

First, use a physical representation of your dream to help it feel real and obtainable. Be sure to choose something that resembles your dream. If you want to go to Africa, for instance, have a picture or a map of Africa, or a toy lion.

Second, keep a small stone next to your physical representation. When you leave home you can take the stone with you and use it to remind yourself of your dream. Put it in your pocket or better yet wear it around your neck. Then you’ll always have your dream close to your heart, and an object to help you stay focused and make decisions that bring you closer to your dream, not further away from it.

Three: Prayers and intention for your altar

Create a prayer or affirmation you can say every time you see your altar. Hint: make it rhyme so you remember it.

You might even create a daily ceremony that involves looking at your altar and lighting a candle or setting an intention to remain devoted to your dream.

If you make an altar take a photo of it and email it to me; I’d love to see what you create! And let me know if you’re open to having it posted on my blog.