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We feel other people’s energies all the time, whether we realize it or not…and sometimes those energies glom on to our energy field—the area surrounding our bodies as well as inside our bodies—and impact our ability to function properly. Sometimes this happens by accident, but other times people purposefully send their energy our way to keep tabs on us. We start to feel heavier than usual. Distracted. Confused. But when you try to shake it off, the feeling lingers like a never ending cold that just goes on and on and on. When that happens, you need to shift out of it, or it could begin to cascade into bigger problems…losing clients, money, and maybe even your sanity.

In this program, you get the soulful support and tools you need to stop feeling the heaviness, distraction, and confusion by discovering how to identify and release unwanted energies from your field, including:

  • Real life examples of how other people’s energy impacts your perception of reality
  • A video describing the various ways other people’s energies mingle with yours
  • A video walking you through a process to identify the glommed-on energy and a variety of fun, imaginative ways to removed it
  • A ritual to help you release unwanted energetic interference