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Welcome to Ignite Your Soul Power.

Ignite You Soul Power is a simple, yet effective, five-module program that includes the exact tools I use to stay in the flow of my soul purpose and power. I designed this program specifically for women who don’t have a lot of extra time, but who are ready to up-level their soul purpose and connection to the Divine.

Get ready to:

Illuminate the Darkness

  • Discover why the Darkness is the secret to igniting your soul power
  • Know how to safely retrieve your lost power from the darkness
  • Integrate your lost soul power into your being and feel the life affirming difference

Believe in Yourself

  • Know your purpose and trust it
  • Use a simple guide to shift your perspective 
  • Know why all of the resources you need are within reach

Ask Spirit for Guidance

  • My secret way of asking for guidance that yields fast, powerful results
  • Receive tools to activate invaluable soul guidance
  • Know how to be a “soul on fire”

Reframe Your Fears

  • Identify the root of your fear-based blocks and release them to empower yourself
  • Move out of your comfort zone 
  • Walk through the gate of your greatness

Say YES!

  • The secret clue that unblocks your path to your soul purpose
  • Understand when to say YES! and when to say NO!
  • Open yourself up to a soul path that is uniquely yours
  • Ignite your soul power and live in the flow of your best life

What’s in the Ignite Your Soul Power Program?

  • 5 modules, one for each of the 5 Fiery Ways to Ignite Your Soul Power
  • Each module is one page of content and one page of downloadable materials
  • Content is relatively short, to the point, and easy to read
  • Materials include beautiful, colorful info graphics you can print out to keep as reminders throughout the day and…
  • …A downloadable rattle track and journey to help you retrieve lost soul power
  • …A downloadable MP3 with a guided meditation to ignite your soul power
  • …Example stories to help you see the possibilities of how all of this helps you ignite your soul fire!


There’s an extra, bonus module about Igniting Your Soul Dreams which includes:

  • Why dreams are so important in feeling aligned with your soul power and purpose
  • More beautiful and useful Info graphics you can download
  • Common dream themes that correspond to the 5 Fiery Ways of Igniting Your Soul Power
  • Tools for understanding your dream 
“The ‘Fox’ exercise is totally worth the price of admission. I think I need to do that a few dozen times. Also gleaned a few fresh ideas on structuring my dialog with Spirit.”

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with Ignite Your Soul Power, you are eligible for a refund within the first 30 days of your purchase. Just email to request a refund.