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When you have other people’s energy in your space…when you feel like part of you is missing…there’s a reason for that. Lack of boundaries. Interpersonal boundaries. Energetic boundaries. They’re similar, yet different, and you need to understand both of them in order to maintain your empowered nature.

Because the less embodied you are, the more you carry other people’s energy, the more difficult it becomes to feel successful and joyfully soulful.

In this program, you get the support and tools you need to establish boundaries that help you experience success and a joyful life, including:

  • Understanding what healthy boundaries are and what they are not.
  • A journey to find the best boundary guide for yourself
  • Examples of boundaries and how to use them
  • Discover the surprising reason why boundaries do and do not work (note to me: triggered)
  • The correlation between low self-worth and boundaries