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Essential Oil Tick Repellent

Tick season is coming up, which means it’s a great time to prepare some natural tick repellent, so here’s a super simple recipe:

Rose Geranium essential oil.

That’s it!

I haven’t tried it yet, but I read it works well, so I’m am going to order some Rose Geranium ASAP […]

Colorful Early Spring Lunch


Shifting to Spring Foods

During the winter months, we naturally gravitate toward richer meals so we can gain weight to keep warm. When spring rolls around, however, it’s time to lighten up. Spring is the perfect time to transition to foods that are easier to digest, and you can […]

The Magical Message in the Equinox

Photo by Ovidiu Gruescu on Unsplash

The autumnal equinox is right around the corner and it has a secret to share: you can’t have light without dark.

Ok, so not really a secret, but this clichéd message has more meaning than you may know. And understanding the deeper […]