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A Simple Fire Ritual to Inspire Your Soul

photo by Robert Lukeman, Unsplash

When I was in junior high, I dedicated my life to God. (No one asked me to, I simply felt inspired.)

When I was in college, though, I rejected my childhood religion. It no longer made sense to me. I couldn’t believe in […]

When is the Best Time to Plant Your Soul’s Desires?

photo by andrea-reiman at

As we approach the spring equinox, I notice the baby squirrels and birds chirping in their safe little nests, and I’m reminded of how I always wanted to have kids.

For years, I imagined exactly how I would homeschool them, travel with them to show them […]

I made a SOULstice Ritual for You

It’s going to be dark this week–new moon, solstice–so I created a SOULstice ritual to support your journey.

But first, a few thoughts about the darkness…

The Descent into Darkness

When all that’s familiar is stripped away, you’re left with darkness.

Some people tremble with fear when they encounter this place. […]

Delve into the darkness to hear your intuition

Winter is the perfect time of year to develop a deeper connection to your intuition. The darkness makes it easier to tune out external stimulus so you can go within and hear yourself as well as hear Spirit.

Winter, though, isn’t always about the cold, dark months of […]