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The Surprising Key to Living from Your Soul

My studio. (Amy E. Brucker © 2019)

I had a major “a-ha” recently. It came to me when I sat down to write about Lammas, the Celtic holiday that celebrates the transition from summer to autumn. Here’s why I’m sharing it: it’s THE KEY to living from your […]

Step into Your Lightness

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Something magical happened…

Not only is the heat, the fire, the passion of summer reaching its zenith, there’s powerful healing taking place.

Recently, I facilitated an ancestral healing session with a client to help her release blocks caused by ancestral wounds. Shortly after our […]

Super simple and delicious ways to stay hydrated this summer

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Redwood City is finally heating up with warm, 75 degree days and my garden is growing like crazy. The mint and violets are taking over! This is, of course, fine with me because I love making mint tea. Considering this, I thought […]

Recipe for Invoking Summer Lightness

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Summer is a great time of year for lightening up. Days are long and sunny. The weather is warm (or hot). And it’s natural for us to respond by opening ourselves up to life. Yet, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all […]