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Super simple and delicious ways to stay hydrated this summer

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Redwood City is finally heating up with warm, 75 degree days and my garden is growing like crazy. The mint and violets are taking over! This is, of course, fine with me because I love making mint tea. Considering this, I thought […]

Colorful Early Spring Lunch


Shifting to Spring Foods

During the winter months, we naturally gravitate toward richer meals so we can gain weight to keep warm. When spring rolls around, however, it’s time to lighten up. Spring is the perfect time to transition to foods that are easier to digest, and you can […]

Feed Your Brain: Yummy 5-Grain Porridge

It’s so easy to slip out of self-care when you’re busy caring for other people. About a year ago I noticed I was stuck in a rut, working long, late hours trying to keep up with promises I’d made to clients. Consequently, I wasn’t taking time to eat nutritional […]