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Opening your heart in this crazy world

Photo by Marco Secchi on Unsplash

Years ago, I was standing in my Oakland apartment when I suddenly smelled roses. Despite the delightful fragrance, there wasn’t a rose in sight. I told a psychic friend about the incident and she said it was one of my guides […]

Super simple and delicious ways to stay hydrated this summer

photo by mae-mu at unsplash.com

Redwood City is finally heating up with warm, 75 degree days and my garden is growing like crazy. The mint and violets are taking over! This is, of course, fine with me because I love making mint tea. Considering this, I thought […]

Spring Herbal Tea Recipe

A hot cup of herbal tea is good medicine. This particular blend will keep you warm and hydrated when spring weather is fickle. So cozy up with this delicious brew and enjoy some healing soul time.

2 parts lavender

1 part calendula

1 part lemon […]