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Ancestral Journey Mishaps & the Art of Shifting Perception

The day I left for my ancestral journey to Norway, my right eye started to feel irritated. Later, during the 9-hour flight, my eye started to turn pink.

Uh oh, I thought. Pink Eye? I’ve been waiting for this trip for months, only to get pink eye the […]

Dream Genealogy: A way to remember your ancestors’ traditions

My ancestors have lived on American soil for nearly 400 years.  They arrived in the 1600s, a group of Pilgrims and travelers in search of an uncertain future.

Some of them were English, but many were Welsh, and I often wonder about the way they lived before they ventured across the sea.

I’ve been especially curious about […]

You’re invited: an online Samhain Celebration to Honor our Ancestors

When I lived in Minneapolis, I attended an inspiring Day of the Dead celebration. Several theater groups sponsored it, so it was not only a soulful experience, but a creative one.

The service began with a procession through the woods. It was a dark night, but the golden moon sat nestled above the tree line.

As we walked […]

How is your calling influenced by your ancestral lineage?

In honor of Samhain (sa’ win), the Celtic holiday that honors the ancestors, I decided to write about ancestral inheritance and how it relates to creating lifework you love.

To get started, I invite you to reflect on the following:

Who were your ancestors?

What did they stand for?

What did they do […]

Dream Genealogy & Deep Ancestral Healing

“Dream genealogy” is a process that uses sleeping dreams and shamanic journeying to gather ancestral information.

I discovered this process several years ago when my dreams were urging me to explore my British Isles ancestry.

As a result, I unearthed a lineage filled with hope, war, death, and eventually […]