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Relationships and The Ancestral Wound

photo by court-prather at unsplash.com

I learned an important lesson about relationship challenges and the ancestral wound, and it all started with soup.

I was sitting at the dinner table when a waiter put a few cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions in the bottom of my bowl. He then […]

Remembering where you came from


Has this ever happened to you:

As the weather turns cooler, I want to retreat into the coziness of woolen socks and spiced tea.

But my desire goes beyond wanting to feel snug. There’s a distinct feeling that permeates these moments, a sensation that cannot be put into words.

It’s the mesmerizing […]

Dreaming of Ancestral Memories

This is a nineteenth­ century depiction of my ancestors during the Eames massacre in 1676. The woman in the middle is my 13th great grandmother, Mary Padelford Aemes (Padelford is my lineage).

There were dead Indians and Pilgrims everywhere.

Floating in the river.

Washing up on shore.

It was […]

Healing the Ancestral Wound

I had a great conversation today about the ancestral wound and how this can be at the root of many of our personal problems.

Ancestral wounds influence our habits, beliefs, life decisions, and experiences.

When I led the last Dream Magic class in May, one of the participants […]