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Opening your heart in this crazy world

Photo by Marco Secchi on Unsplash

Years ago, I was standing in my Oakland apartment when I suddenly smelled roses. Despite the delightful fragrance, there wasn’t a rose in sight. I told a psychic friend about the incident and she said it was one of my guides […]

Energy Clearing Room Spray

Sometimes you need a little spring cleaning that goes beyond dusting.

Residual energy from visitors, tough days, and the nightly news can linger in your space and make it feel heavy.

If you work with clients, you might also have residual energies in your office that become a drain on your energy.

I do a lot […]

Essential Oil Tick Repellent

Tick season is coming up, which means it’s a great time to prepare some natural tick repellent, so here’s a super simple recipe:

Rose Geranium essential oil.

That’s it!

I haven’t tried it yet, but I read it works well, so I’m am going to order some Rose Geranium ASAP […]

Dreams of Ticks & Other Insects (Plus Dream Medicine Recipes)

Imagine you have a dream that ticks the size of dinner plates are on your legs, and that you can see the bulge of their huge bodies under your jeans. When you woke up, would you feel:

A. Super happy, like, “Wow! What a cool dream.”

B. In different, like, “Huh. Interesting. Where’s […]