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the diagnosis and the remedy: how winter dreams are soul medicine

I love how dreams are “soul medicine” that help us cultivate wellness in mind, body, and soul.

Since it’s winter where I live, I thought I’d share how dreams of ice, snow, and blizzards have their own special “diagnosis and remedies” to help you navigate your life.

Each “diagnosis […]

The secret to awesome dream incubation results

Along the path to soulful living, we must make decisions that help us live from the core of our true nature. Sometimes, though, it’s difficult to know which option is in our best interest. So we bounce around from idea to idea, stagnate in indecision, get busy so we feel […]

Dreaming of Ancestral Memories

This is a nineteenth­ century depiction of my ancestors during the Eames massacre in 1676. The woman in the middle is my 13th great grandmother, Mary Padelford Aemes (Padelford is my lineage).

There were dead Indians and Pilgrims everywhere.

Floating in the river.

Washing up on shore.

It was […]

Activate Your Soul Language to Connect More Deeply with Spiritual Guidance

It’s a warm, sunny day and I’m hiking through the woods when a man startles me by jumping out from behind a row of trees. I take an involuntary step backward as I observe him. He has dark, long hair and wears a few blue feathers and beads. He’s clearly American Indian.My entire observation takes less than two seconds, and as I watch him, he slowly starts to fade away. I can no longer see him and that’s when I realize he’s not physical. He’s a disembodied spirit.

What is Your Magic Talisman to Help You On Your Journey?

There’s a quirky thing about the hero’s journey, especially in fairy tales.

When the hero begins his journey he often receives a sword.

Heroines, on the other hand, get shoes.


The Magic Talisman

When Dorothy arrives in Oz she’s given a pair of ruby red slippers.

The Wicked Witch covets them, but […]