Every year, around this time, my mind suddenly perks up. Little signs of spring emerge. A tiny bud. A warmer day. It’s the perfect time to dream about the future, to revel in possibility.

Dreaming in Imbolc

Imbolc is a holiday my ancestors celebrated to mark the beginning of spring. Winter is still clinging to the barren land, but there are bits of new life everywhere, even if only in our minds.

But spring is not relegated to the end of January. It comes after every period of darkness. After a divorce. An illness. A long, cold winter. It happens when we complete our grieving, our depressed states, and are ready in mind, body, and soul to move on to something new. It’s a period of hope. Of life. Of renewal.

Sometimes the spring of our lives comes earlier than expected. One of my favorite clients was nearing her 2 year anniversary in working with me. I could feel that it was time for her to move on, but I was sad about letting go. While I was musing over this, she reached a similar conclusion on her own.

The day she decided to complete our work together was filled with mixed emotions for both of us. I felt sad at seeing her go, yet I could tell that something new was emerging for her and also for me. In that moment, I had a choice: I could succumb to sadness, or even fear at the loss of income and a client I loved, or I could latch on to that glimmer of light that was trying to peak through the veil of my mood. I decided to hold on the latter. I could feel the thread of a light. I could feel that something new was emerging. I didn’t know how long it would take to come to fruition, or what would happen. But I let it guide me.

The Light of Hope

Whenever you come to a crossroads, there’s a path of darkness and a path of light. Whichever you choose will color your experience. Neither is good nor bad, but they each have their own personality and they’ll determine what you experience moving forward.

I knew I had a choice to follow the sadness or the joy. I could feel the distinct energies running through me. I could feel that neither was right or wrong, but I could also remember all of the times in my life when I chose the sadness and succumbed to the suffering. I didn’t want to do that. I chose to feel the light. To revel in it. To trust the void and embrace the unknowing.

Turning to the lightness brought me to where I needed to be. The next day I signed on a new client whose needs are beautifully aligned with everything I want to be doing in my work.

The light pulled me through. I was safely on the other side.

Celebrating New Life

There is nothing wrong with the darkness. It carries the seeds of discovery.

But you don’t always have to linger in the dark in order to process your pain before you can authentically move forward. You can simply acknowledge the pain, feel its existence, say hello with gratitude, let it go, and move on.

Where in your life is there a glimmer of hope shining through the darkness?

What might happen if you acknowledge the dark, but focus on the light and let everything else go?

Who might you be if you surrender to trust and have faith in Spirit, letting the light guide you toward new life?

That’s something worth contemplating.

Sweet dreams,