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Relationships and The Ancestral Wound

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I learned an important lesson about relationship challenges and the ancestral wound, and it all started with soup.

I was sitting at the dinner table when a waiter put a few cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions in the bottom of my bowl. He then […]

Is there an annoying relative you want to avoid this holiday season?

Is there someone you’re dreading seeing for the holidays?

Someone that sucks the life out of you? Someone that makes everything more difficult than it needs to be?

Instead of letting that person pull you into darkness, try being a healing presence instead:

Start by connecting to Source […]

I made a SOULstice Ritual for You

It’s going to be dark this week–new moon, solstice–so I created a SOULstice ritual to support your journey.

But first, a few thoughts about the darkness…

The Descent into Darkness

When all that’s familiar is stripped away, you’re left with darkness.

Some people tremble with fear when they encounter this place. […]