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My Story of Nearly Dying (and a Book Recommendation)

Selfie March 18, 2018, Slowly Fading Away

It’s March 15, 2018, and I’m dizzy and throwing up everything I eat.

The doctor says I have Vertigo. He tells me to go home and sleep it off. So I do. Except nothing changes.

Every time I move, I projectile vomit […]

Opening your heart in this crazy world

Photo by Marco Secchi on Unsplash

Years ago, I was standing in my Oakland apartment when I suddenly smelled roses. Despite the delightful fragrance, there wasn’t a rose in sight. I told a psychic friend about the incident and she said it was one of my guides […]

The Surprising Key to Living from Your Soul

My studio. (Amy E. Brucker © 2019)

I had a major “a-ha” recently. It came to me when I sat down to write about Lammas, the Celtic holiday that celebrates the transition from summer to autumn. Here’s why I’m sharing it: it’s THE KEY to living from your […]

Step into Your Lightness

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Something magical happened…

Not only is the heat, the fire, the passion of summer reaching its zenith, there’s powerful healing taking place.

Recently, I facilitated an ancestral healing session with a client to help her release blocks caused by ancestral wounds. Shortly after our […]