A few weeks ago, I discovered something that sent my enthusiasm level sky high. It was a business strategy that felt ingenious. I felt empowered just admiring the beauty of its creation.

But then something happened.

I was reading a popular spiritual leader’s blog post and she mentioned a “sleazy” business strategy that was similar to the one I was admiring.

As I read her (strong) opinion, I slowly felt myself move from enthusiasm to second guessing myself, to feeling ashamed I’d ever considered the strategy in the first place.

Essentially, I went from having a genuine, enthusiastic experience to one of complete and total deflation.

I shifted my breality, and not in a good way.

A breality is a word I created to mean your “belief inspired reality.”

Absolutely everything we experience in life is a breality.

Our beliefs color how we perceive and interact with our health, money, relationships, career, and every other aspect of life.

But if our beliefs don’t make us feel enthusiastic and in love with life, then there’s something amiss and our reality will reflect it.

Higher vibration energies, like love, joy, and enthusiasm open you up. When you’re in an open state you are more receptive to the flow of abundance that comes from Source. Life becomes easier to navigate. Opportunities align. Things manifest more easily.

Lower vibration energies, like fear and judgment, shut you down. When you are absorbed in these feelings the powerful flow of Source can’t move through you very easily. When you stay in this place too long, things start to fall apart. For some people this results in diminished income. For others, love becomes harder to find.

Lower vibration feelings aren’t wrong, of course, and sometimes they are essential steps on the path to healing and wholeness.

But staying stuck in lower vibration feelings will cause you to feel stagnant and disconnected from the truth of who you are.

When I reacted to that blogger’s post about the business strategy, I was letting my fear of not being included in the tribe (by someone I don’t even know!) take me further away from a genuine experience of a high vibration energy.

Fortunately, I caught myself in the moment and shifted back into a breality that inspired enthusiasm.

When you realize that your life is full of brealities, you can more easily choose the beliefs and feelings that open you up to the flow of Source.

The good news is that you get to choose your beliefs and when you choose beliefs that inspire love and enthusiasm, you will naturally create a life that reflects that back to you.

So what breality are you creating?

What beliefs and feelings are causing you to feel closed off and out of alignment?

What beliefs and feelings are helping you feel open and aligned?

How are these beliefs and feelings impacting your life?