Is there someone you’re dreading seeing for the holidays?

Someone that sucks the life out of you? Someone that makes everything more difficult than it needs to be?

Instead of letting that person pull you into darkness, try being a healing presence instead:

Start by connecting to Source (God, Goddess, your higher self, the Universe)
Notice the person who is upsetting you (or who has upset you in the past).
See their annoying traits as defensive postures that are protecting something vulnerable.
Conjure up empathy for their situation.
See beyond their defenses.
See them as needing love and support.
Look at them with the eyes of Divine Love. (Connect with your heart and when you look at them, feel your heart shining through your eyes.)
Give them some love.
Open to Source for guidance on what needs to be said, done, or given in that moment. Don’t try to force this to happen. Just let it come to you.
Do it.

Are You Listening with Resistance or Presence?

When you listen to someone, you can listen with resistance or with an open heart.

If you listen with resistance, you might have an inner conversation that sounds like, “Dear God, when will they shut up?” If you do this, you’ll end up feeling exhausted, depleted, and ready to leave because you’re fighting against what’s happening, and that requires a lot of energy.

But if you listen with presence, with an open heart, practicing the above process, you might be surprised at what can happen. You might help that person move beyond their pain, even if just a little bit, so they can experience some light shining on their darkness.

I’m not suggesting you spend hours listening to Aunt Betty complain for hours about her ex-husband Joe, but try this process and see what happens.

If you need to, wear a talisman to help you remember. A bracelet or ring is a good option because you’ll see it whenever you look down. Before you go, charge the talisman with your intention to be present and look through the eyes of Divine Love.

Share with me what happens!

Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanzaa to those who celebrate,