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Hi, I’m Amy. Soul Healer. Big Dreamer.

For much of my life, I haven’t felt like living. I was never suicidal, but I remember in 8th grade or so sitting on my bed, feeling desperately tired of struggling. I wanted to be done reincarnating over and over again. All I wanted was a break from physical life. I have no idea how I’d ever heard of reincarnation at the age of 14 in Bayport, MN, but I was soul-tired, and it was hard to exist.

The truth is, I wanted to surrender and die.

After upsetting life circumstances and deep soul healing, though, I discovered another way of being. I realized I could surrender and live! Really live. And that has made all the difference for me.

Surrendering and trusting I can dream my life into health and wellness, and not being attached to circumstances, has freed me. When you know the power of dreaming your soul into being, you can shift in ways that help you create a joy -filled life that is 100% worth living.

Dreaming Your Soul into Being

When I say, “dreaming,” you’re probably thinking of sleeping dreams, and I definitely mean that, but dreaming is about so much more.

In Shamanic and Buddhist cultures around the world, dreaming is also about creating our waking lives. It’s about understanding the illusions we live in and how to awaken to a greater creative force. Some people call this God, but I see it as Sacred Creative Energy. This is the energy that birthed us and the energy of which we are made. It’s also the energy we were born to wield because when you know how to dream your soul into a joyful existence, you feel fulfilled and deep joy.

And that’s what I’m here to help you do.

sweet dreams,


Sweet Praise:

“You helped me heal in an hour what I’ve been trying to heal for months and then some.”

Somewhere along the way I learned that life wasn’t a safe thing and that I had no business being here, despite my celebrated birth. During our session, a lot of the energetic confusion between me and others was cleared. Now there’s more room for me to discover who I actually am! I’ve felt much more aligned with my spiritual and intuitive selves since our session.

– CT


What else do you want to know…

ARTIST: Painter, illustrator and ceramist

MBTI: ENFP/INFJ, yes, I’ve tested as both. I have a theory about this…

SIGN: Scorpio sun, Scorpio rising, Aries moon

TRIBES: Norse, Ashkenazi, Anglo-Saxon, Frank, Celtic


BA in Art & Art History;

MA in Spirituality;

Interfaith Seminary: ordained as an Interfaith Minister, Interfaith Spiritual Director certificate;

Shamanic studies;

Dreamwork studies;

Studies in various forms of energy healing.


Chaplaincy Institute 2006-2018: Dreamwork and Soulful Business Development;

Institute for Transpersonal Psychology 2012: Soulful Business Development;

The Shift Network 2011: Soulful Business Development


Former Co-Director and COO at Chaplaincy Institute;

Former Artistic & Marketing Director, The Cosmic Mass with Matthew Fox

Former Technical Analyst, Hay Management Consultants


Dreaming the Soul Back Home by Robert Moss

Intuitive Dreaming  by Laurel Clark

“Bella Grace Magazine”

Originally Blessed, Edited by Matt Henry