Meet Amy. Soul Healer.

In case we haven’t met, I’m Amy.

I developed “Soul Medicine” to guide people toward activating their soul power. This is the culmination of thirty years of experience working in shamanism, soul healing, ancestral healing, energy reading, dreamwork, creative expression, and spiritual counseling, as well as business coaching. I’ve use these tools to help people experience long-lasting and unexpectedly profound transformations that put them on a fulfilling path. This includes helping people develop intuitive and empathic abilities in ways that can be used every day to create magic.

It is my greatest joy to support you in releasing energies and patterns that no longer serve you so you can break through invisible barriers that hold you back and instead embody your highest potential in life, love, and work.


Client Testimonial –

“You helped me heal in an hour what I’ve been trying to heal for months.  And then some.”

Somewhere along the way I learned that life wasn’t a safe thing and that I had no business being here, despite my celebrated birth. During our session, a lot of the energetic confusion between me and others was cleared. Now there’s more room for me to discover who I actually am! I’ve felt much more aligned with my spiritual and intuitive selves since our session.

– CT

This is me: Amy Brucker

MBTI: ENFP/INFJ, yes, I’ve tested as both. I have a theory about this…

SIGN: Scorpio sun, Scorpio rising, Aries moon

TRIBES: Norse, Ashkenazi, Anglo-Saxon, Celtic

EDUCATION: BA in Art & Art History; MA in Spirituality; Interfaith Seminary: ordained as an Interfaith Minister, Interfaith Spiritual Director certificate; Studied Herbalism at Chestnut School of Medicinal Herbs; studied shamanism, dreamwork, and various forms of energy healing.

TEACHER: Chaplaincy Institute 2006-2018: Dreamwork and Soulful Business Development;
Institute for Transpersonal Psychology 2012: Soulful Business Development; The Shift Network 2011: Soulful Business Development.

PUBLISHED IN: Bella Grace MagazineDreaming the Soul Back Home by Robert Moss, Intuitive Dreaming by Laurel Clark, Originally Blessed edited by Matthew Henry.