Hi, I’m Amy. Soul Healer.
What do I know about being

wild & worthy?


In 2013, on a Friday afternoon, the doctor told me I might have breast cancer. At first I was excited. Crazy, I know, yet I knew my upcoming journey would radically change my life for the better and I reveled in the possibilities.

But Monday morning, when the doctor called to confirm I had cancer, I suddenly shifted from feeling excited to terrified.

“Oh my God!” I thought, “I have CANCER? What? How did this happen? WHAT???”

An insidious thought started taking root in my head. Words that said, “How can I be a worthy healer if I’m SICK…with CANCER? No one’s going to trust my work if I tell them. How did I let this happen? What the $%#&* do I do now?!”

And then I started hearing disheartening comments from other people:

“I would never get chemo if I had cancer. It’s toxic!”

“You would never have gotten cancer if you ate the right foods.”

“A psychic once told me I’m too pure of a soul to ever get cancer.”

I felt like shame was hunting me down.

The inner dialogue became a heavily guarded secret. I felt ashamed of having cancer and the words, “I should have known better,” became my constant mantra.

Fortunately for me, I am a healer, so I knew exactly what I needed to do next. I worked with a soul healer, did some deep healing work, and started to release the shame that was weighing me down.

A year later, while in remission, I met a woman who’d just been diagnosed with breast cancer. The first things she said to me was, “I’m a healer and I feel so ashamed because I have cancer. How can I have cancer? What did I do wrong? I should’ve known better!”

I took a deep breath and with a knowing and loving heart, said to her, “I hear you. I’ve been there.” And I was able to share my journey with her, which gave her so much comfort, hope, and the permission to release the shame she was carrying.

That’s when I realized the seeds of my shame and unworthiness were gone. They had grown into beautiful wildflowers that helped me understand, on a much deeper level, what it feels like to carry the heavy weight of shame and unworthiness.

Now when I work with my clients, no matter what they’re going through, I carry that awareness in my toolbox and I can pull it out anytime, anywhere, to help those who are feeling shame and unworthiness, but who would rather be living as their wild & worthy self.

here’s to your wild & worthy self!


Sweet Praise:

“You helped me heal in an hour what I’ve been trying to heal for months.  And then some.”

Somewhere along the way I learned that life wasn’t a safe thing and that I had no business being here, despite my celebrated birth. During our session, a lot of the energetic confusion between me and others was cleared. Now there’s more room for me to discover who I actually am! I’ve felt much more aligned with my spiritual and intuitive selves since our session.

– CT


What else do you want to know…

MBTI: ENFP/INFJ, yes, I’ve tested as both. I have a theory about this…

SIGN: Scorpio sun, Scorpio rising, Aries moon

TRIBES: Norse, Ashkenazi, Anglo-Saxon, Celtic


BA in Art & Art History;

MA in Spirituality;

Interfaith Seminary: ordained as an Interfaith Minister, Interfaith Spiritual Director certificate;

Shamanic studies;

Dreamwork studies;

Studies in various forms of energy healing.


Chaplaincy Institute 2006-2018: Dreamwork and Soulful Business Development;

Institute for Transpersonal Psychology 2012: Soulful Business Development;

The Shift Network 2011: Soulful Business Development.


Dreaming the Soul Back Home by Robert Moss

Intuitive Dreaming  by Laurel Clark

“Bella Grace Magazine”

Originally Blessed, Edited by Matt Henry