photo by Robert Lukeman, Unsplash

When I was in junior high, I dedicated my life to God. (No one asked me to, I simply felt inspired.)

When I was in college, though, I rejected my childhood religion. It no longer made sense to me. I couldn’t believe in a Zeus-like God floating around in the heavens, looking down on us to see what we were up to. But the only alternative I could imagine was to be Agnostic or Atheist, so I tried those on for a couple years to see how well they fit. They didn’t.

Then something miraculous happened.

It was early May of my senior year and I had the biggest spiritual awakening of my life. The sky was blue and sunny, warming the earth and the air. Apple blossoms were in full bloom. The tree-filled landscape was lusciously verdant, covered in tender green grass. The more I observed, the more my heart opened to something new and unexpected. And that’s when I got it:

God is everywhere. In every living thing. God is All That Is.

That afternoon, I walked around in awe of the sensations I was feeling. I was inspired by my newfound connection to the Divine. The feeling was stronger than anything I’d ever experienced. Spirit wove through me, healing me, loving me. I felt supported and full of joy.

In that moment, I re-dedicated my life to this new version of God, and I’ve been on this journey ever since.

Called to Life by the Sun

My awakening came when I noticed that the sun had warmed the earth and air, turning death into life. Barren trees were covered in leaves. Muddy messes turned into flowers. Everything was alive.

This time of year feels like an awakening from darkness to lightness, both literally and figuratively. It was for this reason that my ancestors celebrated the transition from spring to summer.  On May 1st, they honored the seasonal shift by participating in Beltane rituals with sacred bonfires. My Anglo-Saxon and Celtic ancestors consciously enjoyed the warming sun as it radiated heat, coaxing seedlings into plants and calling cows out to pasture. It was a joyous time, a time to reconnect with life.

Create a Beltane Ritual for Your Soul

If you’re looking forward to warmer days and a deeper connection to Spirit, consider a simple fire ritual to inspire your soul. (Or go out and make a Beltane fire at the beach!)

Create an altar of things that remind you of spring and be sure to include a candle and match.

When you’re ready, light the candle and say a prayer to embrace the new life that is growing in and around you.

Here’s a prayer you might offer or edit to make it reflect your desires. Or you can write your own.

Great spirit.
You who go by so many names
Yet are above and beyond all names

Lift my spirit
With the grace of God/Goddess
That my soul be renewed in the light of life

Fill my heart
With the flames of love
That my soul be renewed with the power of purpose

Fill my being
With the energy of All That Is
That my soul be connected to Divine guidance

May it be so.

Sweet dreams!