I like to think of my lifework as a garden that needs constant tending (and celebrations come harvest time!) in order for it to grow ripe, juicy fruit. I recommend printing out this page and reading through it every once in awhile. Maybe make a weekly ritual of it.

1. Weed

What can you let go of that will help you grow more fully in mind, body, soul, spirit, life and/or career?

Examples: a job that no longer serves you, a frustrating situation, a cluttered desk, a poor attitude, lack of confidence
How can you begin to let go of the things that get in your way? This area can include letting go of ideas and possibilities (at least temporarily) in order to make a decision and start building or creating something (like a prouct or service).

2. Fertilize

What helps you stay energetic and spirit-filled?
Examples: a nutritious diet, exercise, meditation, creating art, singing, friends
How can you add to your life more of the things that fertilize and energize you?

3. Plant Seeds

What have you always wanted to do?
Examples: travel to Europe, become self-employed, cultivate a deeper relationship with Spirit
What can you do today to move one step closer to your dream?

4. Rain / Water

How do you care for your life and relationships?
Examples: call friends to keep in touch, offer gratitude, talk to neighbors
Where can you add richness to your life by cultivating awareness of your needs and those of your loved ones?

5. Shine Like the Sun

What are you passionate about, besides the obvious?
Examples: do you love hiking in nature, expressing your inner creator, reading history books
Sometimes it’s easy to do the same thing over and over again (or is that just me?). Notice what else brings you passion and do it. Even if it’s a simple pleasure. Fill your life with things you love to do.

6. Harvest

What do you do when you’ve had a particularly rewarding experience?
Examples: Call someone to share the good news, give thanks to Spirit for the guidance you’ve received, celebrate, throw a festive party
Take a moment to reflect on all that you’ve created in your life and offer gratitude in a way you don’t normally do so.

7. Share

How can you share your joys and successes with others?
Examples: Share your knowledge with someone else, become a mentor, spread loving kindness by smiling at strangers
Who needs what you have to offer? How can you help them?